Help Building Team for Noob

Hello guys, i need some help regarding team builds. I have been playing the game for about 1 week, and i am currently on lvl 50. However, i’m havig trouble in PVP and some battles of the “story mode”. I’m trying to lvl up the Titan Class (it’s one of the best, acording to this forum) for the last days.
My troops are listed here: My Collection - Gems of War Database
Thanks for the atention!

Hero with Golden Cog weapon
Clockwork Sphinx
Anything you want in last slot
Slayer Banner (dhrak-zum)

works without traits and will see you through most of the early/mid game with little trouble.
Focus on getting Sphinx filled up, cast her on brown/purple to instantly refill her again, then cast her on red/yellow to fill up your weapon, cast the weapon on Rowanne and let her 1-shot anything the game has to throw at you at this point, short of late pet rescues, where you need to repeat the process once or twice.

It’s not the absolute fastest team out there but it’s incredibly powerful for how easy it is to put together.


I know you want something like what Lagility has provided but I just want to chime in and say that one important thing to keep in mind is to keep the colors diverse since each color only goes to the top most troop. If you do build a mono colored army then it would be wise to get a troop that converts mana into that color so that you can fill up the troops faster.

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Wow, great strategy! I’m gonna use that. Thanks!

I’ll pay atention to that. Right now, i don’t have that many troops that convert mana, so it will be better to stick with the diverse colors. Thanks!

heh, meant gems. I’m so used to MtG speak…

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