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Ketras The Bull or no Ketras The Bull?

Talking teams here today, here is what I currently use; Ragnagord/Yao/Infernus/Dawnbringer. This is a quick team that grants me the benefit of the DB barrier which has saved me battles.

The question is, do I craft Ketras and replace DB with him, or Yao? Replacing DB is annoying because I grinded that thing out in 4 days, but also, replacing Yao would be detrimental against Nyx/Troll teams.


Could also replace Yao with Mercy.

I would ask whether you have other Mythics you need to craft that are higher priority than Ketras.

Mercy on her own is rather weak IMO unless RNG falls in her favor.

I am trying to determine what other mythics I would craft over Ketras. The only thing that comes close to being a contender is Famine, but since I have DB my defense meta is up to date even without him, and he is not so good on offense. But short of Famine, unless I forgot a character, I do not think anything is worth having at the moment for either offense or defense.

(You could also replace Yao with Ishbaala perhaps…)

Well if you have or don’t want Aurora, Elemaugrim, and so on … I mean, Ketras isn’t bad, he did get buffed since release.

I’m not sure I want Aurora, I might have her already. I have the dragon, never found much use for him. :smiley:

EMG loops pretty easily with Infernus burning things, its funny.

Well it sounds like you can craft Ketras if you want, I think Famine might be more useful though. For the record, I like Worldbreaker for that team instead of Yao, more explosions lol. I run that in GW… not quite as high a chance of Nyx showing up there though.

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Aha! Worldbreaker is one I don’t own. Hmmm.

I use ketras way more than famine but if you don’t have Pharos ra I suggest him first.

That might depend on how you’re going for souls. I’ve got a double Pharos team (also for GW) but I wouldn’t really recommend one that much. Hard to one-hit things.

Three is amusing for the big numbers but tactically not as strong.

Not when paired with dragon soul and solzara. Maybe drop a Gorgotha up front for tanking and backup mana generation.

I did a 4 day Dawnbringer grind a few weeks ago and pulled a Ra from a guild chest, and then ANOTHER ONE from VIP chests. :smiley: Needless to say I was very happy, because my TDS/Warlock team wasn’t going to get me the required souls before I needed therapy from using it. :smiley:


Ahh, then yes I recommend ketras

Ketras or Worldbreaker or Famine.

To be entirely honest, you’ll probably get whichever of the others you need relatively quickly if your collection and resources are as good as they sound. So don’t think tooooo hard?

That’s true. Study long, study wrong as the saying goes

My resources aren’t all that, it is simply because I have 4k diamonds that I am choosing what to craft. I have about 1k gems left, 300k gold and somewhere around 300k souls. :smiley:

The new events are draining me, which is what they are made to do but that is a different topic.

ketras is a safe play mythic. no risk of giving extra turn to opponent by explosion or random spawn, which make him good.

good sniper. boosted by stat. has great potential with red generator and/or chieftain.

his less flashy spell can be boring.

his multi stat dependent boost spell can be a math problem when you are trying to one-shot something.

great and safe. most risk come from aoe or kraken. i didn’t use him much because i find him a little boring and i hate trying to guess his damage in a quick match.