A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


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New Mythic Troop: Ubastet

There are lots of ways to become a God in Krystara; mostly privilege, nepetism, or persistence is required, but occasionally just being plain awesome like Stonehammer will get the job done too (you can read more about that here).

When you’re aiming at being the ancestral deity of cat people though, it turns out that being really really dedicated to napping is where it’s at.

Known by the Raksha as “The Sleeping Terror”, Ubastet is said to inhabit a palace high above the clouds where he sleeps in the Sun all day, and when it is night, he flies down to the Pridelands to hunt.

While attracting his attention at night is dangerous, during the day, the Raksha only worship him in whispers, as it is said that to wake him, is to invite certain death.

Ubastet will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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Are all Mythic's available in guild chests during off weeks, or just specific ones?

Ubastet vs Wulfgarok




i like this


Ubastet is best kitty!



Can anyone confirm pulling it from a chest yet?

I’ve restarted game twice and still don’t see the news article for it.


200 glory keys. Lucky!





There’s a bunch of people pulling him in global. :slight_smile:


70 vip, 10 at a time. Not too bad.


800 glory keys. Best mythic week so far!


Can anyone confirm the boost ratio for the damage please ?




And you’re only 20 Storm traitstones away from traiting him, too!


2k guild chests. And this one I like!


Bug: when Ubastet kills Gorgotha and it summons the summon thingy, the summon thingy is killed immediately. 3 troops killed in one cast lol.


300 Guild=Gem Chests, not bad.


That’s not a bug silly, that’s the thing that keeps hero classes costing gems to change, unable to be fixed until 68.8. eyeroll


1600 Glory Keys, 300 Gem keys, 11 Guild keys and 3000 Guild seals!!!



So it’s the cat version of wulfy…
On crack


Took me 300 maxed guild keys and then 800 gem keys, but got him…

Obviously the game really needed another kill-two-troops-at-once-start-with-half-mana divine mythic…


I used 400 gem keys, 300 glory key and 4k seals and didn’t get it. I may have to spend my remaining 1k glory keys and gems I really needed this one just because it’s a cat.

Just blew my last 1k glory keys so 400 gem keys, 1300 glory keys and 4k seals and still didn’t get it.