A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


I agree, he’s not strong enough. He should create a board full of yellow gems on cast… :smiley:


1200 gem keys, 5000 glory keys, no Ubastet. Is that pity timer being looked into more than a year ago still an ongoing project?


200 glory keys and then 200 gem keys!!
Good luck to everyone else!


Why “only” ? How I can get other missing mythic troops (except soulforge) if I’m opening chests once per month ?


3184 Glory keys
1100 Gem keys

pricey little thing…

This thing is amazing and/or dangerous.


After 7 days all mythics will be available in chests (other than the two exclusive to soul forge).

This 7 day period is to give people a good chance at getting the new mythic.


No-one spends trait stones on mythics, silly, that’s what orbs are for.

You can’t. You’ll need to open chests more frequently if you want a chance at other mythics.


That’s only about 140% of average. Not too bad. Unless I go over 200% I call it a win.


So is he any good?


Compare him visually against Doomclaw and Ubastet looks like he babysits the Infernal King…
But hey give him angel wings and he becomes a divine… or i guess bears are just evil :confused:


1400 glory key, 0 myth :frowning:


This guy kind of makes Scorpius with his 1 time only spell seem pretty crap in comparison.


also makes Wulfgarok’s kill 1 get 1 free seem pretty crap too. Wulfy is available this week in Event chests :stuck_out_tongue:


Also wulfy don’t work if immune to devour.


I loved tigers since my earliest childhood, and this troop looks damn amazing! Thanks for that Devs.
And he seems really usefull too at first glance.
Now you just have to let me draw one pretty please!
Edit: Ah that’ll teach me (again) to not get hyped about a new troop before i get it, blew literally everything, no success, another greatly motivating GoW experience.


Looks and sounds pretty good. Wasted 5k glory and 1k gems without getting him yet so it’s back to the PVP grind for more glory.

On the other hand, do we really need another divine mythic? Divines right now are pretty op. I use them a lot l, I should know.


250 guild keys :grinning:


No dice on this end, but that’s probably 'cause of my sacrilege… every time I attempt to enunciate the Divine Raksha, I think “Hoobastank.” :upside_down_face:


Are you saying there’s a reason you don’t have Ubastet… and the reason is you?


Yeah, but wait for the Double Devour Divine start-with-half-mana then this cat will be underpowered… :wink:

400 Gem Keys.