A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


2300 Glory Keys, 640 Gem Keys, 50 VIP chests. Horrible-but-still-acceptable price for a troop I will never use, but hey, mythic. I debated not using any VIP chests at all since I want Suna next month at all costs, but in the end, figured I should cave.
My reasons for not using the troop are, by the way, simply personal matters (dislike against troops synergizing with Ishbaala, who ruined my love of the game with her lore and whom I hate with a passion because of that) - the troop looks damn good in itself.

On a second note: Because of all the keys I used (and Queen’s Herald being in the chests by now), I managed to 9-star both Sword’s Edge - which is my home kingdom - and Khaziel now. Not sure if there’s another kingdom able to reach nine stars, but for someone who barely plays and doesn’t cash anymore since February, I’m very proud I managed to get two kingdoms that high.:blush:

Also Bunnies>Ubastet.:rabbit:


Khetar, Forest of Thorns, Whitehelm, Stormheim, Ghulvania, Zaejin, Pridelands


Well damn.:scream::sweat_smile: That’s a lot. Thanks for letting me know, shows how much I’m out of the loop at this point.


Lol this guy is so OP i will enjoy while it last


Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can’t just leave us hanging like this. What exactly is this thing about her you hate with a passion? Are we slut-shaming troops for their life choices, now?


:rofl: Yes we are. And actually most people here in the forums know what the whole thing is about since it completely broke my heart. I used to play this game for around six hours a day, quit for over a month after Ishbaala was announced in Voice of Orpheus’ lore and then actually became a troop and now returned to playing, but only very casually (doing only dungeons unless I happen to be online when a pet event is live, then I do that, too) and also not spending money anymore.
I used to be a HUGE fan of Leonis Empire and their lore and especially Khorvash. And most people here knew I shipped him and Ysabelle and had actually started writing a novel about it. Then it got announced in February first that Khorvash was actually married (which was never mentioned in the Leonis storyline) and then that they have some weird polygamy thing with Voice of Orpheus going on and, finally, Moneylender got added and it became known that the imperial family is also corrupt. Whelp. I get invested in games based on lore and everything I loved got ruined in three weeks, so now the game is only “nice way to pass short boredom times” for me when before, I used to care so, so much about the characters. Life sucks.
I still love Khorvash’s Manticore, though. He did nothing wrong, it’s not his fault that his owner is an idiot.


Anyone else sometimes having one get hit and killed, another get hit, and a third get executed? I’m having 70+ extra damage out of nowhere here. Not all the time, sometimes.


So, I used up my amazing luck earlier in the week with a Wulfgarok drop from Tier 2 in the Invasion shop. I knew it would happen. :sweat_smile:

7,000 guild seals, 400 gem keys, 3,000 glory keys
It finally dropped from glory chests.

I’m not mad though because… mythic kitty!!! :heart_eyes_cat: I’m so excited for a mythic Raksha, and it is actually a good troop. Thanks devs!


Yup happened twice probably a bug and the game didin’t count 1 of the 2 first kill then killed third


Yes, first I killed Gorgotha, the second slot, and the summon thingy. Three troops with one spell.
Some time after that Ubastet killed two first troops and the last slot. That was weird.


In honor of the epic mythic kitty, I’m going to break out the Raksha avatar for a bit.
(Yessah, I’m excited!)


Now I also want to be a Raksha… :open_mouth:


Wow - only 50 gem keys to get. Guess I’ll pay for that on the next couple mythics and should start stockpiling big time now.


…I never noticed before how weird those slits in that armor are and now I’m somewhat disturbed.:sweat_smile: Who the heck needs boob-slits? Do you put coins in there or something?:laughing:


4 guild keys someone bought a few days ago. Thank you RNJesus!


This is dedicated to today`s mythic



Most expensive mythic pull in ages for me, 5k seals and 400 gem keys. I can’t complain with my usual luck, long overdue a more expensive pull.


Does this mythic’s name means something or was this a product of a random letter generator?


If you read Ubastet backwards you get Tetsabu, even that is a better name imo. :smiley:


erm… I should probably stay quiet, but doesn’t Suna also fit that same qualification? (as does way too many Mythics)