A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


In the grand scheme of things that’s nothing.


Well Bastet was an Egyptian goddess in the form of a cat. So the just added a “u” to the front of it, guess that somehow signifies the male gender equivalent.


I think it’s a name of Egyptian Goddess, closely relate to Sekhmet (Legendary card - Sekhma). Here is what I found…


Yep, fought something plus 3 Spirit Foxes, I killed the troop in top slot with skulls or something and then next turn Ubastet cast and killed all 3 foxes. It does routinely kill summoned Ancient Horrors from Gorgotha, which probably is what it should do. Not had it kill a 3rd since, might be because all same troops?


3000 guild seals, 5000 glory Keys, 3000 gems keys, 6750 gems to buy 150 VIP key…

and guess what….

…nof f… mythic for me, once again. I’ve stopped the game for a year because of bad luck and that strikes again.



I thought the name was just what Stan shouted in every episode of South Park. You know, right after he says, “Ukilkenny.”


That pun was purrrfect



50 VIPs and 5700 glory keys.


That was me on the last Mythic, and I am getting hit hard this time so far. 3000 glory keys, 1000 gem key, nada so far :laughing:


That’s a ton a glory keys OMG. For how long were you holding those?


It’s actually 1700 keys and 80k glory.
1700 glory keys took 3 weeks (I spent them all on the last Bounty event) and 80k glory… can’t remember, probably the same time span.


Mind telling me how a Green/Purple/Red mythic benefits from a converter who changes red to skulls and green to yellow? Because all I see there is a useless converter who changes two of the colors that Suna needs. So Suna is actually an absolutely amazing troop who knows to stay away from Ishbaala. :stuck_out_tongue:


Suna would start at 50% mana and Divine Ishbaala will be standing on the sidelines like a mob boss :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah ok make sense


Psh, nah, I will just continue to use an exploder. :stuck_out_tongue: Gorgotha seems ideal since he doesn’t block Suna at all. I’ll have to see what else would fit in there for color filling - Skadi is the only blue mythic I have who has any reason to be in battle, but I’d rather have WB, Infernus or someone else in the mix. Maybe Mab. Not sure yet. My current team for everything is Deep Borer/Ragnagord/Infernus/Highforge and it’s doing really, really well, but I wanna switch things up after months of using this team and nothing else.


Ouch. Sorry for your luck. Yeah not looking forward to my luck on the next one :unamused:


I still got time to get a couple more keys, plus guild keys. Also, I got Summer Imp, which I have been trying to acquire for what seems like years, so I will count it as a win :+1:

I got 4 new Mythics in a row once with just regular keys (I don’t have VIP), so I am hoping your luck will continue with Suna!!


Tier 1 with that team.

UBastard is a nice troop, synergy with Sekhma is great!

Resources spent to obtain:
2,250 gems on 50VIP keys
216 Gem Keys
1,1xx Glory Keys
Further 30,000 Glory spent on glory keys…


I’m always amazed at these threads people posting what they claim is an expensive amount of resources to get him. Do you even know what the average chance of pulling a mythic are?

10,000 glory keys
1,000 gem keys
100 vip keys
20,000 guild seals

Unless you have spent at least one of the above or some combination equaling one of the above then you actually got really lucky.


As always: when people expect to win, a freak win seems normal, normal odds seem unbearably poor, and a freak loss seems like something is broken or conspiring against them. And it’s pretty normal for someone to expect - even subconsciously - to pull a new Mythic when it’s promoted and there’s a certain level of community hype.