A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


100 guild keys, finally lucky after a few months =)


Any plans for an up coming Mythic to Charm? Really interesting effect that not many troops have (at the moment).


Charm all enemies would be interesting.


And terrifying. Two troops would take two hits that are not reduced by traits like Stoneskin. :scream: People thought Infernus was bad, “charm all” would easily exceed 200 damage in a single cast!


Charm a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches? :thinking:


Though it’s totally useless once troops are separated. So no different to these instant kill spells we have already.

You could argue it’s actually less useful than UBastard as he kill all four full health enemies in two casts, whereas charm all can only kill a maximum of two (unless you wait til they’re all low health) Unless you pull the enemies together using Lion and Tiger for example.


The only reason I wanted this troop but I spent everything i had and didn’t get it :sob:

At least I have 4k diamonds for when it’s in the soulforge


50 guild keys. Cheapest mythic ever.



I’m sorry to hear that. :crying_cat_face:
I hope it doesn’t take forever to show up in the forge for you.


Good job dev team making the current meta way way worse! A nice troop but way to op on defense!


Divinity is the only problem just change it for something else and he won’t be so strong, combined with infernus it’s just ridiculous, you just need to cast infernus and since uba hit the two weakest enemy he will hit same troop then infernus and uba will get 2 kill guarantee


Woop! I got my kitty!


Could also make him a one cast only like Scorpius.




53 + (72 * 3 + 45 + 31 + 35 + 31) / 4 = 142 damage to two enemies!


Yeah this team is strong but also very slow


Yeah. Exactly what you need for Yellow or Brown GW.


I am more worried about the triple kill triggering sometime


3 Ubastet for real…

How many gems equivalent was that!


Art looks amazing and he’s very powerful, too bad I didn’t get him yet after spending all my keys lol


Thanks a lot for a real fun Mythic to play! :blue_heart: