A New Mythic Approaches - Shahbanu Vespera

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New Mythic Troop: Shahbanu Vespera Shahbanu Vespera will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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Still wondering why there is no event some weekends
What’s going to happen when classes are done soon
More dead weekends?

took me 5000 glory keys. Good enough

This troop is really weird. Its both really bad and really okay at the same time, depending on how its used.

Its 3rd trait sucks, its stat building sucks, and pray no one on your team is frozen.

If you put The Grey King on any team, it’ll work just fine, but Shahbanu on any regular team just doesnt do too much.

In specialized teams, Shahbanu can be borderline broken. However, no matter what you do, matches with Shahbanu is slow. I don’t even know if I can recommend this troop to people.

Here’s two I’m doing good work with:

Blue variant:
Dwarven Gate
Dwarven Gate
Shahbanu Vespera
Rope Dart - Frostmage (Arcane trait + Elemental talent at 100, and freeze 3rd trait doesn’t hurt)
Lion Banner

DGs get the team going. Once Shahbanu is full, cast Shahbanu on the 1st Dwarven Gate and you’ll very rarely drop your turn. Rope Dart has an extra turn to keep the silliness going.

Yellow variant:
Shahbanu Vespera
Dancing Dagger - Stormcaller
Guardian Banner

Yellow storm helps fill Gorgotha, Gorgotha explodes and fills everyone. Shahbanu casts on Humility until Humility gains a few magic buffs. Gamble Humility whenever to speed up the magic gain, then win with DD.


I didn’t get it. Thousands of keys and 85k glory. All I got was a few legendaries. Maybe I will forge uba after all lol.

Got it in 150 Gem chests. That’s fine. The previous Mythic (King Bloodwood) had not come to me in chests on the other hand.

3k seals (150 chests) for the first one.
200 gem keys for the second one.
Trying Mountain Crusher / x2 Shahbanu / Infernus. Not the fastest meta, but having similar mana colors on the team greatly increases the chances for extra turns. I agree about the frozen, though, hurts this team worse than goblins.

Got 3 here with around 4k glory keys (27xx keys and 20k glory) and 7k seals.

Ofc as planned she’s proven pretty useless for what i wanted her (aka pump to insane stats) with a fizzbang team being lot more effective about that (even tho Fizzy explode LOT more than buffing seem, took quite a while get to 1k all, magic included), but actually guess if i wanna go for 1k magic better stick to a looping diviner (boring as hell too but still more effective of both the above).

In mono (or almost) colored teams guess she can work and be “fun” but guess what? then basically any troop can be used on a team built around it, that dont make them good tho.

“Hey - we got a new Mythic, too! Where’s our News?”
(Unknown Switch-Player)

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It was hinted that there’s going to be a new type of event to replace class events.

We need to expect a bunch of whole new events, because Invasions will finish soon, hero classes will finish soon (as long as we are aware), Boss Raids will also finish in 2020. Stay tuned.

There’s no reason each kingdom can’t have 2 classes, tower killers and boss killers.

“We Don’t Serve Their Kind Here”
-Mos Eisley Cantina Bar Owner

The feeling that can (quite literally) never get old:

Oh, and if we’re doing resource expenditure for posterity, it was something like 1,507 glory keys, followed by 6,000 glory, then 214 gem keys to get the genie to appear.

My first wish was for a buff (to the initial nerf). And, now I wait. :wink:

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200 glory keys.

So only one click this month, even though I was looking forward to opening chests for the first time in what feels like forever every month :joy:

Could potentially be a Broken-Tier mythic with the correct team set-up.

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I was anticipating spending thousands of keys, but instead I used those 10 Guild Keys they refunded everyone and, boom, there it was… fastest mythic I’ve ever gotten!

I’ve used it in this set up:
Annotation 2019-12-06 143441

It can loop several times in a row, but of course, the stats it gives are completely random between Life, Armor, Magic and Attack.