A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


I like that third trait, and the ability sounds hella fun, too!


So I just ran some tests - I hadn’t tried out a new mythic in ages, but since everyone said Ubastet is OP, I decided to give it a whirl. I used a team of Diviner/Infernus/Ubastet/Mercy and went into PVP, doing only 3-trophy matches and wanted to see how far I get before losing.

The answer is… pretty darn far. End of Tier 3, which is really good. In my quest to reach 2000 points total, I lost two times - once against Goblins because Goblins and once against a team where in the end, Dawnbringer and Gorgotha remained and I just couldn’t get a winning shot in.

Ubastet is really, really OP, at least in PVP where a double-kill is basically guaranteed after you softened up at least one enemy a bit. I had a funky situation where an almost-dead Queen Aurora and a Dawnbinger who had over 300 Life thanks to said Aurora remained and well, that 300 Life didn’t help him because Aurora was dead.

I also faced a really similiar team with That-One-Troop-I-Hate (which is, admittedly, a better troop than Mercy), Infernus, Ubastet and some hero with an exploding weapon I forgot about. Their Ubastet took my Infernus and my Diviner, my Ubastet took their Ubastet and That-One-Troop. It was a close race to the finish, which I narrowly won thanks to pure luck (well-lined-up purple gems for Mercy).

It’s - at least for me - a slow team because I need to think and look a lot while I normally just use Ragnagord-Infernus-explosion-quickfills because of speed and my vision issues, but it is very, very reliable and very, very overpowered.
In the upper pet rescue levels, though, the double-kill is not guaranteed, even after an Infernus-cast, since even the insane enemy attack doesn’t scale the damage enough to guarantee one kill. But it’s still a really good team there, too, just not as OP as in PVP.


Ha!! I used 4800 Guild seals, 10k Glory on chests and 300 gems keys and nothing. I used all this at once on Saturday.

I just decided to check out this post to see what it took everyone to pull him and I decided to use my last 10k glory that I have left. I opened the game, spent the first 1k glory of the 10 I was willing to spend and got it on my very first roll!!. Yessirr!!


Congrats on pulling ‘you bastard’!


I was so depressed after spending 600 glory keys 300 gem keys and 10k seals last week(emptying everything I had)

Moment ago I decide to buy Tai Pan glory bundle x12

And with those glory keys(68) I open it and got…




Thank you!


I hate him. Too overpowered compared to other mythics, except Infernus. I’m craving for some balance in this game.


Does that mean you hate infernus too?


Yeah, I didn’t get Ubastet yet but have Infernus and used it in the past as well. To me it’s just obvious these troops are way more useful than other mythics. And that’s what bothers me. I don’t like using divine teams.


I didn’t think 4:1 would be so drastic. yeah, I guess 5:1 was better. Its hard to tell with ratios based on both ally and enemy troops


Ironically with lesser damage he would have had some direct synergy with the Raksha singletarget hardhitter troops.
Now he is just another playmate for Ishbaala for the Divine troop type that already is way too strong.
Also ffs stop spamming base mythic Divine types, doing an aweful job for troop type balance(yeah i know balance of any kind isn’t even a concern of yours anymore at this point, still…) and moreso really unimaginative that most powerful beings must come from ze heavenz


Can someone please explain divinity to the Devs! Lol
These are not “divine” creatures. If anything, they are fallen creatures and would not be able to draw from divine power…
When did the Devs turn to the dark side? Muuuhahaha


Ubastet does not appear to be counting his own attack in the damage calculation. I assumed it would, since is states “all ally and enemy attack” it should include his


@Yano: Devinity


I’m agreeing: Ubastet really needs to be tuned down. 11 mana to routinely kill two troops with not much prep needed? Looks like the intern got in charge of troop design again…


Here we go again - and always the same people screaming. No need to be nerfed. Fun to use and sometimes a challenge to play against. If you don’t like him - don’t use him. :slight_smile: He is not even the strongest troop in the game.


Divines are … divine. Most OP team at the moment.


Watch out! Internal error are back!!!

Im glad i finished my gw battle before it happened


I’ve lost one match today due to crashes, it is the same every guild wars. I’ve come to expect it now.