A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


Really suck it’s not in the top priority list.
Probably too busy to create pet skins


Graphic designers and programmers are not the same people.

I do wish they would fix the aforementioned bugs though.


Changes I’d suggest to tone down this monster.

  1. Remove Divine type from the giant Mythics that don’t really need it. As I said in that other thread. In particular Infernus and Ubastet. But also Ketras, Jotnar, Skadi and Euryali. A few others are a bit debatable but could stay, like Aurora and Pharos.

  2. Change Ubastet’s spell to be only boosted by the attack stat of Raksha troops. Then perhaps add a few Raksha troops with some utility on top of all the crappy ones. But make Ubastet awesome in a team that takes skill to use, not just being bolted onto the FastFernus meta.


I see an easier change, a more personal change. You can stop using the troop. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixing the bug where Ubastet does the “cat thing” and just randomly kills an extra troop for fun (or systematically kills a third and/or fourth troop when a resurrect or summon on death happens) would also help.


Yes, I know this is scheduled to be fixed in 3.5.


I said it when infernus got released and i keep saying it for uba , both are VERY SUPER CRAZY AMAZINGLY OP


I could accept a 5:1 nerf from the 4:1 it is now for Ubastet skill but that’s about it. Don’t touch it!!!

And that idea to remove Divine type from the troops you mentioned above… No way!

Spending thousands of gem to get it and having a refund of traitstone after a nerf… Nope sorry.

Ishballa trait could be 33% instead of 50% that would make sense


Mythics are supposed to be powerful and fun to use. They are literally the hardest to get troops in the game and should be extremely desirable and op compared to all other troops. I say buff the mediocre mythics, don’t destroy the good ones.


I agree with this lot of mythic are ridiculously weak you know what i mean garg? Lol


I totally agree with this. Quite a few could really need some love.


I haven’t tried Entangle of any kind against Ubastet, but a boost on 0 atk would probably hinder Ubastet a bit. Basically we need more mass Entangle options…


Perhaps I finally understand Leshy’s existence…


Technically speaking changing the tags on a troop is not a nerf.
Unless of course one agrees that Divines are op right now then removing the Divine tag might be considered a nerf.


If someone is that concerned about a defense team starting with half mana, they should make a mana drain team. Spirit Fox was created for exactly that purpose, for example.

If someone is concerned about a defense team starting with half mana but they don’t want to have to change their team to counter it, then they’re just bitching about their invade team having a weakness, and…well…let me tell you all about how much sympathy I have for that:


Drain 7 mana as the answer to a troop dealing 140 damage and generating 20-30 mana for its team, for a cost of 11 mana, sounds super legit.


His power is scaled by everyone. The harder the battle, the stronger he gets.
It doesn’t matter if you’re level 50, 500 or 1500, your enemies scale as well as you progress through the game.

They should just alter his boost ratio to 5:1 or preferably 6:1, which would make his cast not as powerful but with a bit of prep work still useful.


Using the Divines as a means to distract you from Glaycion and Bloodhammer. There will always be a troop or a team that people don’t like. It’s part of the game. You guys are so hell bent on getting them nerfed but another team will just as easily take it’s place. Rather than complaining about this team and the next one and every one after. You can put that consistency to use and test out different counters. Either that or stop playing the game cause i can tell you it’s not going to get any better


Video of the bug below. Ubastet targets 2nd Dark Priestess and Magnus; Magnus dies, and then it kills the 1st Dark Priestess


The only reason why the Doomskull legendaries and Ubastet don’t seem batshit insane right now is that Divines already exist and match them in power. Divines are just the latest that raised the bar for what is considered op, in a long line of not so silent powercreep…well more of a powerrush really, the Devs really lean into.
At any rate this would be mitigated much if the Devs actually reacted to this insane powercreep and rebalanced accordingly, but instead older troops just fall out of usefulness entirely with time and might aswell not exist if it weren’t for dilluting the pools of chest rewards to make people spend more gems to get to the real usable ones.

Yeah, no need for that, you just use exactly what is the current broken stuff and profit from having first turn.
You are absolutely right with the second part though and i will consider your advice.


Another fun fact - if there are two enemies with the same second-least life (say one with 30, and two with 80), and you kill the one with least life via Ubastet, then both of the others will die also.

Bit of a corner case, I know, but maybe will help to figure out what is happening?