A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


@Cyrup Came here to suggest there’s a bug with Ubastet. Namely, if you have opponent troops A, B, C and D (in order of weak to strong), and B and C are actually equal in weakness, Ubastet seems to consistently hit A and B then kill C when A dies. I havent had him kill all three yet though, but I can imagine that happening especially if B also dies from the original damage.
This means it should be reproducible, can you confirm this?

And when can we expect a fix?


How I’d fix this troop based on player feedback:

Change the ability to:

Deal [Magic / 100] damage to 2 enemies, then give each enemy 10 life. Remove all skulls. Summon an anti-skull storm. Set attack for all allies to 0.


Why, oh why, did he have to be divine.


Whoa this seem freaking insane. Ya that Ubastet bug is definitely huge!


I’m fine with ubastet, he can nothing when you use db and shield your team. and without a pre dmg on the troops, he can not oneshot… (10.000+ point team)

but what i HATE, is to loss trough a single 18hp infernus, they loop 2-4x and kill my full healthy team, again and again.

this singletroop-goes-enrage-mode-and-kill-your-entire-team-because-he-can, that must be fixed or nerfed. its ridicolous and annoying.

(and don’t come with mab…)


If your weakest troop got no barrier you still going to lose 2 troops, even if the 2nd weakest got barrier :slight_smile:


I reckon this occurs when the 2nd and 3rd weakest troop has equal HP??


It also happen when a troop summon when dying it also kill the summoned troop


Let me get this straight here. This is a bard friendly unit (one to all stats per turn) who also boosts it’s own attack and magic every turn, so +2 magic per turn, who does multi-target damage boosted further by 1/4 of the combined attack stat of every unit alive on either side, which is one of the harder stats to reduce with a typical team, targets the weakest enemies to deal this damage with, and on top of that auto-kills the other one if either of them is killed. All for the obscenely low cost of 22 mana; 11 with Ishbaala?

B. R. O. K. E. N.

Edit: to be more productive, the problem I see with this unit is that it gets to have it’s cake and eat’s it too. It’s cheap to cast for the spell damage, can start with extra-low mana cost, scales with enemy stats, grows more powerful over time on it’s own, synergies with another stat booster, and has an auto-kill effect. It’s like it was specially crafted to be good at everything. It needs a weakness, and the only real “weakness” it has is barrier, except that barrier is trivial to break and it really isn’t so much a “weakness” as it is a mild inconvenience that any troop would have equal problems with. It needs to either cost more to cast, or do less in my opinion. Being able to be cast in two matches is insane for as powerful a spell as it has.


Also added to Known Issues list for 3.4


Pretty frustrating to lose 2 troops every time Ubastet casts (literally, I have never not had 2 troops die when he casts, and I have all kingdoms at level 10 and my guild has completed all tasks). Totally agree that it should scale on Raksha attack.


Also I still don’t understand why it isn’t single use? Why does Scorpius get gimped with both a harder instant kill condition AND single shot spell?!



Scorpius is impervious and give 1 to all stats for brown per turn whereas Ubastet give 1 to all stats for Rahska, which are bad.

Impervious vs fire storm hmmm… I don’t know really


After nearly depleting my cache of resources, I finally got Ubastet to drop from Glory Chests.

In a batch of six Glory Keys I earned from creating a vault in Treasure Hunt, no less.

I exclaimed, “YES!!!”

And, of course, the dog came running in the room to see that I was excited about some cat. :upside_down_face:


I’m n my experience dogs are always excited about cats. Or rats. Pretty much most things to be honest.


Ubastet only gives Attack and Magic to Rakshas.


Heh put Ubastet with Bard and Scorpius for a lovely +3 Attack & Magic, +2 Life &Armor each turn :wink:

Bard Mountain Crusher

Not a meta team to be sure but I play it just for the lulz sometimes.


I tried the same idea, just a little more ridiculous:

Bard / Dawnbringer

Each Ubastet gains 2 Armor, 2 Life, 4 Attack, and 4 Magic per turn. Because reasons.

Obviously it doesn’t really work because of the high mana costs and nothing to feed it…but it’s funny, and that’s the important part!


4x uba also funny but very slow


11 mana to kill two troops. Perhaps the devs forgot they put out Ishbala.