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Invasions - Ubastet could have been useful 😔 (Edited)

I now notice Towers are immune to “Lethal Damage”

" Taxi ! "

This team is working ok for the prelims - stage 7 atm BUT Ubastet is not working properly on the towers. Uba does not “devour” …and there is 27 life left. :pensive: Uba is really the only decent troop from the pool and it is super annoying that he does not work against the towers.


Well towers are immune to instant kill


Ok - l see Lethal Damage !
Still sucks.

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I agree, why have all the cool options on troops to build interesting teams with, and then take them all away to make it solely about skull matching? :roll_eyes:


I like how pridelands already had an invasion troop buuuut because its not a catman we can’t use it . Heaven forbid an invasion or raid troop have reusability after its initial week .


Dooms also have immunity to Ubastet’s Instant Kill as well. Just throwing that in there.

Still, why should 1 Kingdom get multiple Invasion Troops while others don’t even have 1? Why repeat kingdoms?

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And what is the best team now?

Ubastet is still a nice choice if you have him. +3-5 Attack and Magic for the invasion troop is pretty helpful and in case anyone is asking, that’s for towers and not the Goblins who have shown up once again.


Double Ubastet with Spirit Mane can pack a punch. Cast Spiritmane on Ubastet(s) and with double stats (magic/attack per turn, it’s ok. Mana Generator - maybe M/crusher/Anu. Not gone too deep yet, dispel on hero for barriers.

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This team seems to work quite consistently on the last stage where all towers appears:

  • Siegebreaker
  • Sekhma
  • Jar of silly eyes
  • Ubastet

“Ubs” is just providing extra magic and attack.
Interesting hero classes to use: Any with Dispel on 4/5 matches (Banishment from Guardian Tree) such as Runepriest, Knight, Deathknight, Dragonguard, Mechanist or Warden to wipe the towers’ Barriers and Enchanted.

For earlier stages the event weapon and other Rakshas are quite efficient.