A New Mythic Approaches - Doomclaw


The _“Devour the next enemy above and below”_is a little unclear. In some games (10 matches) it happened to me that Doomclaw devoured the enemy below for 6 times, and both above and below once. Among the troops above that haven’t been devoured, there were krakens which haven’t got “Fortitude” or “Impervious”.
So, does Doomclaw devour THE enemy above, THE enemy below, BOTH of them? Or all of the above in different situations?


He Devours twice, at an independent 20% chance each. That means either, both, or none, depending on the result of two weighted coin flips.


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Another Way OP mythic troop to wipe your whole team out real quick and in a hurry!


Got him in 450 Gem Keys yesterday. Toying with the idea of burning my Guild Keys/Seals/whatever aiming for a second one, now that those are lvl6, but I’m unsure if I need another.


Is it worthwhile having 2?


A few people from my guild have two, and the general consensus seems to be “no.” At least, not with the resources to get them as scarce as they have gotten.


Yeah, I’m not going to bother trying for another. Best to save for a rainy day. Thanks for the feedback


Is it even worth going for one, we only just said bye bye to yasmine’s?


I’m hoping for next week we are so so close to being 100% in sync :slight_smile:


We will get it next friday, @Saltypatra already said we will stay on 2 week schedule untill we catch up mythic


It sounds like a great name for Karakoth’s Mythic :slight_smile: (if Hellspawns are a sort of tentacles I think I saw them somewhere…).


Failed to get this one before weekly reset but pulled it out of first 100 glory keys this week. Nice was in a dry spell.

Mechanically its a flexible troop that could be placed in a number of roles but I’ve found it most useful on the bottom vs the current kraken metas. Even without it fully traited atm its worth that placement for overflow. The devour isn’t a prime reason for use in that location and if someone was to formulate a team for its devour it is best suited up front with the charger in spot 3. Very conducive for use with a number of low cost transformation cards. Actually quite like its versatility although RNG based and I don’t play it for that reason.


so did anyone patch up a viable gw invade team with doomclaw?


I think tacet used him for a new blue day team. Can’t look it up right now but you should find it on his YouTube channel.


Forest Troll, Apothecary, Doomclaw, Infernus


Tacet used ForestTroll, QueenMab, Apothecary, Doomclaw wolf banner

However I still prefer using ForestTroll, PoisonMaster, Draakulis, Euryali broken banner on blue day.

I’d rather use Doomclaw on brown day

Gorgotha, Doomclaw, KeeperofSouls, Emperina desert banner


Is it more of a case of, ‘I’ve got this new mythic and I must squeeze him into a team somewhere’ kind of situation, rather than him actually being decent?
I was wondering if it’s worth using my pitiful stack to chase him or miss out this time.


“…boosted by Enranged allies.” I hope this misspelling is not in the actual game.


He ain’t the best.