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Do Doomclaw count as legendary for kingdom power leveling?

As title say.

For Urskaya to unlock power level 7 I need:

  • Collect 3 weapons from Urskaya :white_check_mark:
  • Unlock 3 Traits on 11 Urskaya troops :x:
  • Collect 2 Legendary troops from Urskaya :x:

Traits sooner or later, not a problem.
Afaik atm there is only one legendary troop - King Mikhail, yet the requirement it’s not flagged as “Not achievable yet”.

Doomclaw is a base mythic not a legendary.

Legendaries count towards the 2 epics for 3 stars so mythics should count as legendaries.

Sin of Maraj only has 1 epic but I have a legend and it counted



Suncrest needs some love! :heart:

Having the mythic of the kingdom does count towards having a legendary. I can take Whitehelm for my example. To get 7 stars, you need 2 Legendaries but I only have 1 and the mythic and it counted. If you had King Mikhal and Doomclaw, it should count to the task.

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OK thanks for replies and clarification. Intended or not now I know for sure.