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CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Doomclaw

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/console-a-new-mythic-approaches-doomclaw/

Please bear with him, he’s a little angry.

New Mythic Troop: Doomclaw

Many centuries ago, King Asbjorn Doomclaw ruled the northern lands of Urskaya.
Things in Urskaya were never entirely peaceful, but Asbjorn’s reign was particularly troubled; his kingdom came under attack from the Daemon Lord Kurandara, whose horde of mindless Hellspawn would descend from the southern mountains at night to terrorize the Urska (and believe me it is VERY hard to terrorize an Urska). It did not happen every night, and never in the same place twice. This went on for years.
Every morning, after an invasion happened, Asbjorn would rally the Urskatyrs to go hunting, but Kurandara and his legions could never be found.

Asbjorn gradually grew enraged. He began to sleep during the day and took to travelling the mountains at night, Urskatyrs in tow, looking for signs of the Daemon horde.

Finally, one night when the moon was full, Asbjorn found them, preparing for an invasion, with Kurandara himself standing by his summoning portal, and Hellspawn pouring through. Without thought, Asbjorn charged him. The battle was fierce and raged on for many minutes until King Asbjorn Doomclaw grabbed the Daemon Lord and they fell back through the portal.

Neither was ever seen again, though it is said in Urskaya, particularly in the lands down near the mountains, that on nights when the moon is full, and the veil between worlds is weak, you can still see King Asbjorn Doomclaw roaming the mountains. He is changed and corrupted by chaotic forces, but he still guards the southern reaches of Urskaya against the Daemons.

Please note this Troop is currently available PS4 and XBox One.

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Looks like Doomclaw ate the Flavor text.


I guess it was a good flavor.


It’s not to everyone’s taste, of course.


You saw nothing!

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Indeed, I saw nothing. Thankfully, a Void Portal must have resummoned a fully traited Flavor Text.

On a more serious note, Doomclaw is just okay, not sure if its good enough to be called a mythic. The problem is that Kraken does Doomclaw things better than Doomclaw and it just so happens to be Blackhawk week currently.

If Doomclaw’s skill gets used and only does damage, it feels very bad. At least Kraken has a tiny bit more utility on a whiff for a cheaper mana cost.

I guess double Devour is neat? A unreliable novelty though…

I wish it did a tiny bit more, even if it’s just a knock the targeted troop back one slot. (it has wings right?)

(If it means anything, I loved the last 5 mythics. Only this one feels a bit off.)


From the looks of it, Doomclaw is just Wulfgarok with slightly worse traits if I’m correct.

30 vip, 1 at a time.

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I have to agree. Hes in my opinion among the lowest tier Mythics.

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Wulfagork is better if you ask me, also starts out with fast if you have FG in the team. Also have close to 100% chance to devour an opponent troop if the team has no immune to devour. But both needs devs attention.


Heh… I dont have either of them…

Best typo ever. Makes the troop sound like a complete doofus.


If any developer happens to read this thread:

Doomclaw needs a minor buff. Some possible suggestions are

  • Increase his base ‘Roar of Anguish’ damage or multiplier
  • Increase his adjacent Devour to 25% or 30%
  • Reduce his Mana cost to 20-22
  • etc.

As for flavor: how in the world is this guy not Immune to both Devour and Silence?

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Got it in 10 gem keys. Feeling very very lucky.


You should! :open_mouth:

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He is pants. And not the good, comfortable kind. The tight, itchy kind.

So if you burn him, does that make him a liar?

I’m in favor of increased devour chance. Low chance devours are even worse than high ones in my opinion, because you can’t get them to reliably work in a plan but they can still randomly swing a match out of nowhere. Devour counters are much more prevalent than they have ever been, and all of them are actually viable for this troop. This mythic is currently worse at devouring than any of the legendaries that have this capability, and a pretty subpar kit otherwise. His spell has a ridiculous cost for something that just does minor damage most of the time (zero devours 64% of the time, subject to immunitues and barrier), especially since it will now be even harder to get an fully enraged team for even mediocre damage potential.

I’m currently using him in a skull spam team (Maw, Apothecary, Keeper of Souls, Doomclaw) and he gets cast sometimes just to kill the last enemy and rarely if there happens to be an opening where there are no good matches on the board and he happens to be full mana, so that I can force the enemy to take a move that will give me converter alignment. Its effective, but not very efficient (and it may not be either after next patch).

His trait will need a rework as well after 3.2 neuters it. If it is not possible for the trait to favor buffing allies that aren’t already buffed, a direct “enrage two random allies on 4 or 5 gem matches” would be acceptable here, considering it would still be RNG and have potential overlap.


I’m still undecided with going for him. I thought about using him with orion up top. Enraged true shot has got to be worth a try.

I would save your resources @Nephilim
He is crap. Cost me 10k in gems. I would of been better off crafting it.