A New Mythic Approaches - Doomclaw


Perhaps have the chance to devour start at 10% and then increase by 5% every time a skull match is made with a cap of 50%?

That would remove a lot of the randomness of the troop.


I dont have wulfagarock, and I’ll trade this one for a wulfagarock.


I’ll accept that trade, I’m not after this one for the devour mechanics.


Worth skipping guys? (ps4 players here with no gems left).


You thinking:


Or something similar :wink:


Maybe, that’s one possible combo along the same intent as I expect to employ it if I get lucky and pull one.


I think I see where you’re going but for it to really work I think his trait needed to consistently enrage the first ally.

As after the first skull match (which will most likely be the blob) ensuring the lead can can be enraged to team wipe maybe tricky.

Hero with hammer will drop the turn unfortunately.

Or your thinking of something else :slightly_smiling_face:


With the way cascades work now any transformer would achieve the desired usage of the enrage trait.


Doomclaw - Skeleros meta incoming!


… For the ai at least anyway


200 gem keys :stuck_out_tongue::smirk:


100 gem keys, 100 guild keys and he dropped later after 100 glory keys


Talon Banner:
Green Seer
Giant Spider
Yasmine’s Chosen

Doomclaw gives Green Seer some “teeth” with enrage so she can get the occasional clean up kill.


Rock Troll
Yasmine’s Chosen
Titan with whatever takes your fancy. War and Peace maybe.




I haven’t got that, so go for something to pick up overflow from YC and RT spawns


Hmmm got one. Shame that pvp really doesn’t make me feel like trying it out…


When will console get him next Friday?


I hope not. Most people don’t have any resources.


Ah ok. Maybe worth those that have it considering that then