A New Mythic Approaches - Doomclaw



From 950 GLORY chests!!!



I scored him after 8,000 seals (chest lvl5) and 300 gem keys. :wink:

Now to farm Arcane shields. Though the last trait not super required when used with King Mikhail and Corrupt Urska :upside_down_face:


4k glory keys, 400 gem keys, 12k guild seals and 4k gems and…


My stash has been gutted two months in a row now. I’m happy I got him, but having to blow all my nerfed resources stinks.

[edit] total cost was 610 gem keys, 100 VIP chests, 300 glory keys, and 2000 guild seals, in that order. (I have the guild guardians at mythic so I spend those last…I just didn’t want to click through spending all my glory keys unless I really had to.)


50 VIP and 100 Gems keys, got it on the gem keys.


Almost the same as you, except that i spent 10 extra Vip Chests. (Also got him in 100 Gem Keys.)


Going with

Urska Savage
Dragon Turtle

Watch out!


Or, stick him at bottom with a random mix of Wisps, Krakens, Krystenax and Mab and just have him take a nap during the easy win



Anointed One

I’m toying with Mab, or a skull generator. KoS or BD would get all purple mana. But a blue troop like skullbeard can benefit from the spillover blues.


10x boost ratio?! That’s just silly.


Doomclaw dropped for me after around 1,500 glory keys. :tada:


Not really; it just means +10 damage for each Enraged ally. Mostly it means you need your entire team to be Enraged before he does his “real” damage…which is kinda annoying since the Enrage effect only does something for one unit at a time.

My opinion on him hasn’t changed since his spoilers: he’s mediocre outside of the devour, and rage-inducing when the devour hits (and believe me, you’ll remember every double devour that hits on defense). Neither situation is optimal.


We are eager to battle it out in the who has the most mythics thread, and we need to be in synch to do so. Which is approaching a year later than first promised.


Troop looks fun (if not a bit OP)!

Granted all I have left are gems, so was wondering if we might be able to get a approximated timeline (subject to change, of course) of when console will be getting him? Are we still doing every 2 weeks? 3 weeks?

Our guild doesn’t hit 40k seals very often and it takes a lot of coordination to make it happen, usually with planning the week prior (if not a few weeks so everyone is prepared), so having a confirmed, rough estimate of when this guy will be coming would be great for us.



Suddenly the name of the third trait takes on its true meaning.


I of course didnt get him… Typical


I can see this troop being a good defense troop not sure about troop I would use regularly though.


Ahh, I was thinking 10x the damage not the boost. I’m back to agreeing with you 100%!


Mythic Bear is like a randomized version of Wulf. I’m not really a fan - at least with Wulf, you can kind of control the devour ability a little. With Doomclaw, you can go a whole game without devouring anyone, especially with the 20% nerf…

On the plus side, I got him in 550 glory keys!


Uuuuhhhhh 600 glory keys :slight_smile: