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A New Mythic Approaches - Doomclaw

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/doomclaw/

Please bear with him, he’s a little angry.

New Mythic Troop: Doomclaw

Many centuries ago, King Asbjorn Doomclaw ruled the northern lands of Urskaya.
Things in Urskaya were never entirely peaceful, but Asbjorn’s reign was particularly troubled; his kingdom came under attack from the Daemon Lord Kurandara, whose horde of mindless Hellspawn would descend from the southern mountains at night to terrorize the Urska (and believe me it is VERY hard to terrorize an Urska). It did not happen every night, and never in the same place twice. This went on for years.
Every morning, after an invasion happened, Asbjorn would rally the Urskatyrs to go hunting, but Kurandara and his legions could never be found.

Asbjorn gradually grew enraged. He began to sleep during the day and took to travelling the mountains at night, Urskatyrs in tow, looking for signs of the Daemon horde.

Finally, one night when the moon was full, Asbjorn found them, preparing for an invasion, with Kurandara himself standing by his summoning portal, and Hellspawn pouring through. Without thought, Asbjorn charged him. The battle was fierce and raged on for many minutes until King Asbjorn Doomclaw grabbed the Daemon Lord and they fell back through the portal.

Neither was ever seen again, though it is said in Urskaya, particularly in the lands down near the mountains, that on nights when the moon is full, and the veil between worlds is weak, you can still see King Asbjorn Doomclaw roaming the mountains. He is changed and corrupted by chaotic forces, but he still guards the southern reaches of Urskaya against the Daemons.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC and Mobile.

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The card looks nice but another slap in the face to console players :frowning: don’t think we will ever really be getting same stuff as pc/mobile. Owell first post woot

Console is well underway to being caught up to PC Mobile! It’s just around the corner. :slight_smile:

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Back up to 25% again

The image is wrong. It’s 20% devour chance in-game.

Edit: the image is right!


I got one yes !!! 1000 Glory keys and 420 Gem keys

GemsOfWar 2017-10-06 01-23-53-04

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Image updated! Now says 20%… sorry about that!


150 glory keys


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What teams are people planning?

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Is it normal that I cast Doomclaw on Famine (3rd slot) and the 1st troop was eaten (the 2nd was already dead)?

Suppose so, as technically it is still ‘above’.

so I’ve always thought the troop lore was neat and all, but how come its not in the actual game itself?

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Welp, it’s finally happened. I’ve spent all my gems (11k) and gem keys and no mythic. Honestly, it’s a good job VIP chests are so terrible (did I already mention 11k gems) because I probably won’t have enough gems to open them again for a while.

Isn’t the gem nerf great?


1200 gem keys + 150 VIP keys and I dropped 2 Doomclaw in the last 50 VIP pack… So 17,550 gems and so 1000+ dollars… Yeah of course, suddenly the Soulforge seems so niiice…

And devs are going to say “no no the drop ratio wasn’t nerf” LOL.

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Here i am, having opened 200 guild chests and got the new card.


Just to clarify his ability - is it a 20% chance to devour either the troop above OR below, or is there a chance to somehow devour both?

So what’s he like peoples that have him?

9,000 Guild seals just enough :slight_smile: Saved all other keys including no VIP keys. Happy camper :slight_smile:

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Good surprise. He devours quite often, two-shots most of the troops. It’s okay.
But not enough reliable to play him in GW…

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