6.1 Update: Dark Smith's Curse

@Julli-of-North I can quickly answer this, as I had a similar question.

You can choose between Gems or Cursed Runes as long as you don’t have the required amount of Cursed Runes for the upgrade (or more than enough).
Once you have enough Curse Runes, it will only offer the upgrade using Cursed Runes only.

But I have passed this on to the team!
As Cursed Runes are new, I understand the value of wanting to save them for recipes and the option to choose between Gems or Cursed Runes would be beneficial even if someone has enough Cursed Runes for the Soulforge upgrade.

I’ll update the Game Guide article on this in the meantime to make this clearer.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thanks for the info

I’m pretty sure they’re treasure maps, but they do look almost identical.

They are writs. Treasure maps are used for the Vault Key.

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the course gnomes gives better rewards outside the GAP?

Same for crafting a vk. 100 treasure maps is ok but nobody will ever do it because it also costs cursed runes. So nobody will ever be able to use up their treasure map stash. Disappointing.


Wow, then that’s totally crazy. Along with several other things about the recipes.

Writs for crafting Forge Scrolls, Treasure maps for crafting vks.

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Like all other gnomes, if you’re doing the battles “too fast” during GAP, you get decreased rewards.


Yeah, i was just making a note of the drop rates in different matches

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@Jeto Does the switch have this gnome already as we have the update? I know the armor isn’t available yet but didn’t know about the gnome.

Step 1: Make a new resource incredibly rare and desirable
Step 2: Put said new resource in flash offers
Step 3:


And yet after all this time …

Is the Soulforge a “game”? Y’know, like treasure hunts or assorted other modes are “games”.

No. It is not a game. It is basically a shop.


Why is it in the games section? I don’t understand you people.


This is non-Gnome-a-Palooza amounts.


I’ve updated and the Potions of Power still aren’t showing on the list in Raid Boss. Is this still an issue or do I need to log out and log back in again? I really do miss seeing the Potions of Power on the list.

Never mind! I found the potion of power under bonuses. I wasn’t expecting to see it there since it used to be on the list with the rest of the purchased potions. It’s there so I’m happy! Thanks!

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Does anyone know the cost per level to upgrade the soulforge? Both in gems and runes?

I know that Level 11 costs 10 runes or 300 gems (valueing runes at 30 gems/rune). One of my guildmates reported 15 runes or 350 gems for 12 (23.3 gems/rune).

I don’t know in runes, but you can see here the cost in Gems:

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Did you play the updated version on steam? If yes, it’s possible you can’t go back to the old version on your phone due to your account already having used the latest version of the API.