6.1 Update: Dark Smith's Curse

Does anyone know what the curse gnome drop table looks like outside of GAP? Are we talking 10,25,50 runes per gnome?

It looks like it’s 1,2,4 in a GAP.

Edit: although the 4 was from someone farming E7, not the ironhawk team on E1.

My Steam updated about 30m ago; no update for me on Android yet but ISTR it always takes a while to roll out to all.

Did it fix the 10th battle crasher bug?

Cant use gems if i have Cursed Runes in my inventory

Also, a confimation button would be nice

Are the chances of getting a gnome going to be increased outside of the special week?

Seems like a lot runes needed for Forg6.1 when players have a 1:300 chance (this is the 10th Gnome I think) of finding a cursed gnome.

Without spending gems, I would like an honest chance of crafting the new mythic before the servers are turned off on Gems of War please.


For those who want to see a step by step:

300 gems

350 gems

400 gems

450 gems

500 gems

600 gems

700 gems

800 gems

900 gems

1000 gems


I got 13 runes both times i encountered the cursed gnome. Hopefully that’s the lowest amount cause it looks like it’s gonna take a lot to get to level 20

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What is the cost for the medal conversions?

I got 15 runes from normal explore and 1 runes from GaP

100 Writs for a single Forge Scroll effectively makes upgrades for any Doomed Weapons just as out-of-reach as they were before, if not worse now that there are more weapons in need of upgrades… :confused:


Let’s craft some stuff!


(The amount owned is clearly broken…)

(All of the weapon forge scrolls have identical costs.)

(3x the seals, 3x the traitstones, same amount of souls, glory keys instead of gold keys)

(3x the souls, 3x the chaos shards, 2x as many cursed ruins, 3x the celestial traitstones)





@Julli-of-North I can quickly answer this, as I had a similar question.

You can choose between Gems or Cursed Runes as long as you don’t have the required amount of Cursed Runes for the upgrade (or more than enough).
Once you have enough Curse Runes, it will only offer the upgrade using Cursed Runes only.

But I have passed this on to the team!
As Cursed Runes are new, I understand the value of wanting to save them for recipes and the option to choose between Gems or Cursed Runes would be beneficial even if someone has enough Cursed Runes for the Soulforge upgrade.

I’ll update the Game Guide article on this in the meantime to make this clearer.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thanks for the info

I’m pretty sure they’re treasure maps, but they do look almost identical.

They are writs. Treasure maps are used for the Vault Key.

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the course gnomes gives better rewards outside the GAP?

Same for crafting a vk. 100 treasure maps is ok but nobody will ever do it because it also costs cursed runes. So nobody will ever be able to use up their treasure map stash. Disappointing.


Wow, then that’s totally crazy. Along with several other things about the recipes.

Writs for crafting Forge Scrolls, Treasure maps for crafting vks.

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Like all other gnomes, if you’re doing the battles “too fast” during GAP, you get decreased rewards.