Upgraded soul forge but no troop, weapon, pet, medal etc given to me why!

I’m so pissed right now, I upgraded my soul forge to its fullest and I’m supposed to have Dark Smith Drenza (mythic) and a vault key I don’t have any of them…this is cheating. Also before upgrading to 20 which is the fullest at 19 I didn’t get my Angry Anvil pet and legendary medal to mythic… At 18 I didn’t get myncurse breaker weapon
Gems of war makers you better give me what I am supposed to get. I’m so pissed I’m breathing fire now. So please do the needful. I’m awaiting your feedback

You do not get them simply for upgrading your soulforge. Upgrading the soulforge unlocks the ability to craft them in the soulforge only, it unlocks the recipes just like how every other level up of the soulforge has worked. You have to look in the soulforge at the recipes and craft them there once reaching the appropriate soulforge level.


My soul forge is upgraded to the highest level but i dont have from 18-20 complete

I got the orb of ascession only for level 18
I got the dark hammer only for level 19
I got the orb of power only for level 20

So where are the other things im supposed to get?

Yes as I stated you have to actually craft the things. Unlocking the soulforge lets you have the recipe to do so it doesn’t give them to you. There is not going to be a different answer that is just how it works as stated in the update news.


Like @havok6669 said, you need to craft them.


Thanks guys


No problem congrats on getting your soulforge to 20 btw much luck with getting the cursed runes to craft the rest of it! :tada:

Thanks for the luck🤗

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It is some pretty sloppy UI though from the devs. I bet @Healer is not the only player to have been confused like this.


It’s not so much their sloppy UI. It’s that it’s gotten to the point where we expect them to shaft us on stuff like this. Anymore, if things are missing/unreleased/not as stated, we’re like, “Same shit, different day.”