About the forge of souls. Primarily

  1. Turn off the indication of readiness to increase the level of the forge of souls on the world map
  2. Disable, or better remove the icon of the sanctuaries of cunning and deceit from the world map
  3. If the player has enough cursed runes to increase the level of the forge of souls - leave the option of increasing the level for diamonds
  4. Revise the recipes for creating new weapons and resources in the soul forge that use cursed runes. A cursed dwarf, even with an “increased” chance of spawning, is very rare. The recipe for creating medals, for example, is generally terrible! For 5 Anu medals and a bunch of resources, only 1 Nishi medal ??? Absurd. And there are many such recipes
  5. Add more trouble tower events, more prescription events
  6. Add recipes in the forge of souls to create, for example, diamonds from resources that a player who has been playing for a long time has a lot - for example, treasure cards, master stones, souls
  7. Send all players one Kingdom Crown that many players missed in Patch 6.1.