Use of treasure maps

Is there any use of treasure maps except playing treasure hunt?

I believe you can craft vault keys usong maps


Really? At which level in the soulforge?:thinking:

Lvl 20 I think.

Not worth it, though. Cursed runes are way too rare.


Oh brother, now I have to level up because I have way too many treasure maps :roll_eyes: (Thanks for the info).

Aaaahhhh! Cursed be me! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :laughing: (Pirate voice)

Once your Soulforge is level 20 and you have crafted Dark Smith Drenza, 31 copies of Angry Anvil and all 6 Cursebreaker weapons, what else is worth crafting using cursed runes?

Crafting forge scrolls also use writs, which are needed to craft deeds to help level your kingdoms. That’s why I don’t craft forge scrolls and instead buy them during TOD events, even though buying enough forge scrolls to max a Doomed weapon is a huge gem expenditure.

Upgrading medals at a 5:1 ratio isn’t exactly a good deal either IMHO, considering that each rarity is only 3 times higher chance to successfully upgrade a troop’s elite level than the rarity below. And there are plenty of troops that can be upgraded with lower rarity medals, and you’ll still want to upgrade them for kingdom power levels.

So the only other good use of cursed runes I see at the moment is to craft vault keys. Or just hoard them, in case we get new crafting recipes using cursed runes that are actually worth it.


This is exactly where I am too: Cursed Runes have become functionally useless because all the remaining recipes that use them are such poor value and/or consume other scarce resources.

(And it doesn’t seem worth spending them on crafting a few Vault Keys when a Vault weekend can net you hundreds of them…)


Well, count yourselves lucky if you don’t need any forge scrolls anymore or can wait a year or longer for a certain tower to appear.

I’ve been playing for almost 3 years now and still haven’t upgraded all of my books. And we’re bracket 5 now so it gets more important.

I’ve done all my doomskull doomed weapons and 4 of the books.

I do buy as much as I can during ToD event but I am saving for forge scrolls from the forge as well.

If you don’t want or need that, vault keys are fine I guess.

For people a who aren’t even at forge level 20 yet so probably newer, they may not want to do that, though.