Leveling up the Blacksmith to LVL 20 (Bug)

Another Bug. Update Says i can only craft with only one Resource. Once used i canot change anymore. I craftes Blacksmith with Gemstones 3 Times. No I switch to Soul Shards and cannot use Gemstones again. The first Question why can i Switch to another Resource after using it 3 Times and must stay nom into the Other Resource. This makes no sense? This contradict so the Patchnotes. Normaly i could never use the Shardes after starting with the Gemstones.

This is not a bug. The patch notes state that you have to pay for each individual level with only one type of resource, cursed runes or gems. However, you can certainly pay for one level with gems, and then another level with cursed runes.

You also have to keep in mind that you can only pay with gems if you don’t have sufficiently many cursed runes to pay for the next level.


I think not being able to use Gems to level up the Soulforge once you have the required number of Cursed Runes was an unexpected and initially undescribed behaviour, though.

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