6.1 Update: Dark Smith's Curse

My gems on Steam update automatically and then it never allows to start the older version on Android, so I have to go to playstore for manual update which is usually there.

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Upgrading medals seems to be absolutely a terrible idea (I used the extreme case of upgrading a Mythic using Gaard medals to calculate)


Just so; and it’s pretty frustrating, would much rather be playing from the sofa right now but as it hasn’t updated on Android yet I’m stuck at the PC :no_mouth:

It really is a shame that so much of this update is either

  1. cost prohibitive


  1. a bad exchange of resources

I mean, the one-time crafts are all awesome deals, and it’s neat that there’s a new gnome, mythic, and other content.

But a lot of the rest? Disappointing, at best.

The new weapons look cool and I’m motivated to craft them and maybe even use them, since Bless is pretty great to have on-hand these days. But already the wind’s out of my sails because I know I won’t be able to upgrade them anytime soon, if ever.

Why? Because Forge Scrolls continue to be an issue despite the new crafting recipes to make them.

Forge scrolls aren’t more available because the writs required to craft them barely exist in the game. Who did the math on this? For 100 writs a forge scroll it costs a whopping 5500 writs for ONE Doomed/Cursed(assuming they’re the same cost?) weapon. There are now 6 new ones for a total of 33,000. Who the heck has that many — or will ever have that many — and consider how many people are already well behind.

I’ll stand as an example — an endgamer who took most every ToD pretty seriously, and yet I have 14 doomed weapons’ worth of catch-up debt before considering the new ones. Add 77,000 Writs to the pile of what I “need”, I guess :man_shrugging:

Unless there’s some other infusion of writs or scrolls into the economy, these recipes might as well not exist. That’s what I’m saying, if ya didn’t catch it :ok_hand:

And they’re not the only ones: see above for the comments regarding the terrible medal exchanges, where, generally speaking, a person is just straight-up better off gambling.

Or how about the orbs? Being able to make orbs is neat, but at least one of these recipes is wild, too: Major Orb of Clans for 500 Glory Keys? Is that really the ratio of “value”? Because that seems crazy to me — that 500 Glory Keys has the value of only 75 Gem-ish Keys? Glory Keys : Gem-ish Keys = 6.666 : 1 ???

I like the Vault Key recipe, and the ability to craft a pet is neat, too.

The very low appearance rate of the Curse Gnome I don’t like at all.

So it’s a real mixed bag — were forge scrolls made with jewels and/or maps instead of writs, that would make the entire system a lot better, I’d think, even with some of the other issues. Bonus points if Medal exchange rates were better — even 4:1 rather than 5:1, or just without the need for the runes, would be better in a “well, gambling might be cheaper sometimes, but the overall safer course is the soulforge exchange”. Also a big swing-and-a-miss from me that Traitstones were completely ignored, aside from Celestials — colored stones could have easily been incorporated into either “make medals from scratch” (even at some exorbitant cost like 100 Arcanes for a Gaard it would still have been an intriguing implementation if simply for the fact that a truly-new mechanic would be introduced — farming traitstones for Elite Levels would be an option) or making forge scrolls (paired with maps and jewels for good measure) or being “split” or something to release their magical energies and leave some chaos shards behind — maybe a variable amount, even (that idea would allow for those “done” with traitstones but not done with delves to catch up a bit) — or - heck - better Treasure recipes than we have.

I’m just spitballin’ at this point. But I suppose y’all know as much.

Maybe when Treasure Maps get reworked there will be some more reasonable ways to actually acquire what we want — maybe we’ll be able to get medals, writs, treasures, chaos shards, and/or forge scrolls there

Here’s to hoping :crossed_fingers:


Seems this hasn’t been answered, it is available and took me 61 vk’s to get a copy.


That’s why I was thinking of making Curse Gnomes a mainstay of Epic Vaults and maybe even Regular Vaults. That way, it kinda mitigates the tedium of upgrading the Soulforge.


Hey folks,

Anyone who was having trouble downloading the update on Google: Please try again now.


Replacing the Daemon Gnome with the Cursed Gnome in EVK battles would’ve been a wise solution.


Thanks Kafka. I can confirm I did see the update pop up for Android about 10 min ago.

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Did anyone who paid gems to unlock levels 11-20 in the forge, how many runes would’ve been needed in total?

I hope you plan other (non paid / time sink) possibilities to get them in the future.
Would be a good ressource for events reward, its limited this way and motivates to play (the actual rewards are outdated for high levels)


Regarding the Armor. Those who have already purchased the armor will they lose the armor and have to re purchase the new version of the Armor???

This is imo one of the better new recipes. 500 glory keys = 5% of a mythic whereas 75 guild keys = 8%.

500 glory keys would give a small amount of raw gems though.

90 fights to get my first “Curse Gnome”. Dropped “12 Cursed Stones”
52 fights for 10 Crowns.

Has anyone crafted a cursebreaker weapon yet? Do they require forge scrolls to upgrade?

It the GaP Rate lowered /will it be raised in the future?
I killed 280 gnomes in the GaP and not even one Cursed Gnome! :face_with_monocle:

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I reached the maximum level at the nearly useless soulforge and now everything what l had achieved deleted! I have to buy the levels for real money again. FYI I deleted the game. Thanks for this kind and thoughtful Christmas present. It hurts me a lot! Happy Christmas everyone. I quit. XX


I keep getting the Soulforge tutorial whenever I re-launch the game. Twice from the main map, and now always after clicking on Games > Soulforge.

Is this happening to anyone else? Am I missing something? I have clicked all the tabs in the Soulforge.

This is on iOS.

New Gnome