3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


PS4 user. PvP lockout and guild seals capped for week so can’t claim/do new seals for the week, same guild as always never left and can see the guild doesn’t have that many total at this time. Also some graphic issues. Contacted 505 like a few did above, they said the same thing that they let the developer know because they can not resolve the issue. Some screenshots just so others that have the same issue can see what’s happening.


iOS. iPad. Can not access the dungeon. Try and fight first level. Nothing happens. PIA when your trying use soulfordge.


Another bug I found

I sorted the troops by level and selected Merlantis, but the ordinal is wrong.
The pictures tell everything.


kzintiwife’s suggestion solved it for me. Just remember to get your username and password ready before you delete (or from another device like a PC) first, otherwise you’ll have to start from scratch.

“i found i had to uninstall, clear cache, reboot, then reinstall. that seems to have fixed my android problems. and it had to be done in that order… any other didn’t seem to work… so just doing cache, just doing reboot, just doing uninstall.”


The game doesn’t save any changes to daily GW defense teams. They last until logout - on logging back in, i get the same defense team for all 6 days. Is it me? Or is this broken as well? I play on Android.


I noticed this bug too. The game seems to remember and sort by the original level of your troops, so if you have recently leveled up the troops, they will still be sorted by the old level.

I’ve noticed a similar problem in the troop crafting menu. 1. Go to Ascension page and ascend a troop. 2. Go to Level Up page and level up the troop to the new max level. 3. Go back to the Ascension page - the troop stats to be gained on the next ascension will be based on the old level, not the current level, so they will be too low (often lower than the current stats).


After updating my game version to 3.2, my game save was wiped. I play on only one device(iPad, iOS 10.3.2) so I never “linked my account”. Would my account still be recoverable at this point? If any additional info is required, I will try to provide it to the best of my ability.


I’ve been running into this problem too. I set my GW defense team for today yesterday. Then I logged out. I noticed today that the defense team had reverted to my pvp defense team, which also means I’m losing out on the potential bonus for unique troops in defense.


Lost my ability to access the “events” as the tab for it on the right hand side has completely disappeared. Play on iPad iOS11.


The kingdom symbol has been removed from troops’ cards, making it impossible to identify what kingdom a troop hails from. This makes it much harder to create builds with kingdom synergy bonuses since you can no longer identify a troop’s kingdom at a glance. I’d really appreciate this being added back. I understand that the symbols were likely somewhat small and hard to identify for some players, but they still were mostly useful, so even restoring them in their original form would be preferred over removing them entirely. Perhaps they can be separately cleaned up for legibility at a later date as well?


Back when there was a border, I felt they should have used the kingdom banner instead of crest on the cards. The banner is much simpler and therefore easier to see on small devices. At this point, I don’t know how they could accommodate the request at all, given the change in design.

3.2 Feedback and Suggestions


@SazanEyes is correct abut what is occurring. This is an very old bug and has been reported a few times (on console). Restart your game after leveling is the best workaround. Everyone is probably just seeing it now after the recent move to Unity a few months ago.


GW defence showing 0-1 despite my opponent’s points/battles indicate zero fought (in ranking).


Xbox: My GW defense tab says I have 23 different troops even though I have 24 (100% certain.)

Bone Daemon
Bone Dragon
Captain Skullbeard
Dire Wolf
Forest Guardian
Goblin Rocket
Nobend Brothers
Princess Fizzbang
Queen Grapplepot
Spirit Fox
The Dragon Soul
Wild Fang


I’m getting the same message @platinumpwnzor . I thought it may be a bug due to my having Hero as one of my 24 troops. Looking at your list I don’t see a Hero, so that theory flies out of the window. I’m on PC/Mobile. The new update hasn’t arrived yet on my mobile/cellphone so a ticket is going in for that as well.


IOS on iPad. When I go into the forge I can’t see the requirements for any recipes… despite a full exit and restart of the app.



And a third example.


@Bludax Do you have any troops in common with me? I wonder if there is a specific troop that is bugged.


I’ve narrowed the bug down to Day 3 having some inconsistency with assigning unique troops in each slot. Sometimes it gives 0, sometimes 1, and sometimes 2.