3.2 Feedback and Suggestions


U shuld make the computor easier cus i tried to play again but i keep loosing to krakon teams thay shuld be nerfed


Honestly, for all the crap I have said about the UI redesign, I don’t mind that we got a redesign. I can live with the slick new style instead of the detail-rich system we used to have. I even like some of the new features, like the layout/design of the new tribute screen. What bothers me is the inattention to detail (or, indeed, basic UI principles) by the person(s) in charge of the overhaul.


Since this is the suggestion thread, posting my post-hotfix impressions here as well.
Reinstalled the game to check the hotfix.

  • Sidescrolling is still there. Yay, nausea galore! Seriously, why is this still in?!
  • The background should absolutely not shine through the board at all. It’s still eyestraining.
  • Numbers in white are better visible. Red-green-blind people like me are still pretty much lost when it comes to green numbers, though. Also stun. Three little red X without borders are not good.
  • Seriously, please adjust at least the colors to what they were before. Major parts of the eyestrain come from the high contrast of neon-green, white and black. Keep the font if you like it so much, but give us some lesser contrast colors back. This is not an aesthetic issue, but a health one. If you want people to play a lot, make them able to do so!
  • You made the buttons flash… are you trying to make the health issues worse?
  • I appreciate that at least the restroom signs behind Tyri in treasure hunt are gone. While truly cosmetic when the health issues are prevailing, it shows improvement. It’s still pretty rough with the cascades and the background shining through, though.
  • Banner Team Names are far better to read now! Text on the borders of the cards, though… not so much. The bright green and blue (mythic) are the worst with that, especially the green. Really, the buttons should have taught you guys by now that bright green and white text never match. Also the text is still really, really small, which makes it even harder. Can’t you make the borders and with that the text at least wider/bigger if they already have to look so plain?
  • Still can’t see the stars with my vision disability. Just a white dot under the kingdoms.


Why are you telling them that? Come on, don’t take one of the few nice things we still have away! =(


in which Year u will fix Scroll Bars?


made by paint from windows


Not difficult to find some place for the kingdom shield (which are soooooo great).


Xpost from the hotfix thread.


“Dear heart, how like you this?”
I like to point out in how many ways this UI is lacking, ever in details. You’d think that the altered state icons were done all in a batch, but no.


I was thinking about the same thing and rarity could be changed to word instead of stars and be centered.


Im really sad for the people who use troll/kraken/kraken they can’t use it in GW without losing points and they need to find 6 team… must be really hard to think by themself :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope your not calling out you own Guildmates with this…? I battled a clone army of roughly the same Defend team: Psion, Rag, Famine plus some random troop today…


I hope you lost? Lol


Lol Naw, 5/0. I’ve lost more points to the Developers stealing my defense bonus than in battle. I’m only at 18.2k this week after the -500 BS deduction for having 7 unique troops to date. I should be 18.7k, I don’t think this new defend system was play tested.


That suck, at least it’s only 500 points i don’t think it will really affect the final result, unless every member got the same bug?


I don’t think anything was play tested.


Lots of people complaining about it in Guild chat. If it’s only one day that like -15k for the Guild, it should not matter much. However, if this continues to occur every day -90k could easily make a difference.


Because of the defense penalty many in my Guild received for no reason (other than lack of testing), it has encouraged some in my Guild to dig into the problem. Using their excellent initial work as a starting point I’ve done some work on my own and…

I think it’s possible to get the full weekly bonus and run Troll/Kraken/Kraken/QMab (or any Meta team) on every single day.

And nope I’m not posting it…And defiantly not streaming it like what was done in the past.


Go for it you still gonna finish #2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that you’ve announced it, the honorable thing to do is to PM a dev with your suspicion and ask if they can verify on a test server. For my own sanity (what remains of it), I don’t want this diversity bonus being undermined.