3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


That’s great. Please, please, put in a ticket to the Devs so they can fix it.


That’s great. Please, please, put in a ticket to the Devs so they can fix it.

Sorry, I jumped the gun a bit. The bug definitely involves my Day 3 troops slots though.

Edit: OK, this is messed up, but any troops in your Team #1 spot (which I use for daily tasks, not PvP, GW, or anything else) will not count as unique troops in your guild war teams, regardless of what day they are assigned to or even if they are actually unique.

Devs contact me for personal info for debug work payment. :wink:


I had the 23 uniques issue as well. It said 24, then I messed around with Day 3 & Day 5 teams from within the Guild Wars menu and it started showing 23. So there may be something specifically to do with Day 3, or it may be a coincidence. That said, my #1 team slot had 2x Mabs in it. When I removed one, my score went up to the full 12k. If I add the 2nd Mab back in, my score is back to 11.5k.

It’s like if you mess with your teams then it starts reading the troops from team slot #1.

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Just purchased 10 event keys with gems on the PC, and got back 2 trait stones, 4 Merlions, 2 Lamprey, a Knight Coronet and an Enchantress.

Everything is of the appropriate rarity, so it’s not a big deal, but I don’t think the latter two (Swords Edge and Silver Glade) should be showing up there.


This is “working as intended.” Ultra-Rare troops from Event Keys have a chance of being from other kingdoms (though in aggregate, they’ll show up less than URs from the event kingdom).


Here’s one that’s new. Android mobile. This was in the Guild Wars defense menu. I tapped on the hero line for my locked Monday defense team and it showed me this. I have not tried to push the refund button because I’m not at all sure what the effect would be.

My class is currently Mechanist (fully leveled and traited) and the weapon is icy glaive, but I changed the weapon used in the team slot on the troops menu to ice arrow. Icy glaive still shows in the GW defense menu (which i believe is the correct behavior).

I should note that Alchemist and Steam Turret are NOT on the team.

Edit: none of the buttons at the bottom are functional.


Same happening to me


THANK YOU for figuring that out. This was driving me insane and I couldn’t get to the bottom of it. I had to add weird troops I don’t use to my first troop build to get it to stop.


Android 7 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

no images of anything, traitstone on every place didn’t have images, guildwar reward same no graphics

cannot access to dungeon button is clickable but don’t call any action


Playing on Android (Samsung Galaxy J7) and since last night seals are not working? I had 2 plus 60 turn maps and about 10 challenge battles won all of my Gw for today and about 5 pvp battles. I gained 2 pvp tiers and have not gotten a single guild seal today… not even login. Help!


Every time I log into I phone and or Samsung Tablet it says there is an update *Size 18.?? MB. Then it downloads a 2.19 mb patch. Everytime.
On phone I uninstalled and reinstalled …No fix


I have posted about this elsewhere. It downloads the file whether or not you give permission. The only way to prevent the download is to exit the game before the transfer starts.


I’m getting a 2.18 MB download notification not only when I log in, but approximately every hour that I play. PS4.


No units / kingdom / banner from Merlantis are showing in the menus (done the questline / have the health bonus) - edit: reinstalling the app sorted this up.
Image is amplified too much / not centered properly - edges are cut off and beyond the visible screen… again.
Sort of connected to the previous one - when you select the filter to sort the troops when you move from upgradable to rarity (which is and stays off screen) you cant see it being selected. But when you move to base rarity it sort of centers back again.
Guild wars defence teams - once you move to this screen you cant scroll to those beyond day 3 (screen is locked on the first 3 ones). But when you move to any other screen and back to the defence teams it is scrolable again.


Btw. Do you even test your game / update before you enforce the new shit?


Same here. Android.


It has been over a week without hearing from any devs or mods on this thread, I think theyre ignoring us at this point.

Another bug: When there is a Queen Mab on the enemy team, I get frozen on 4/5 matches I make. Her card reads the same as most other (kraken, etc) that activate on 4/5 matches. its not every time, but when it happens, you obviously give the turn up to the other team.
Can you imagine the measure of outcry if my Krakens’ Huge and Tentacles were activating when the OTHER team made a match? Come on-- I have pointed out several large bugs that truly affect gameplay.


I agree. I loath this new layout. I force myself to log on because i am leader of my guild. It givs me a pounding in in my head from straining my eyes. So many things are horrible. Hate the troop section now. I love making troop combos. Not anymore. Please just switch back. I rather poke my eyes with toothpicks than strain to play this new layout.


@Tacet was reporting that link traits are broken now.
Hopefully he’ll pop over to explain what is happening.


Is Tacet’s report that link traits only fire once per board? Because that’s working as intended.


According to Nimhain’s response in the thread that you linked, that does not seem to be working as intended.