3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


I used 24 different troops and received the 2000 points per day.

Maybe it’s a display error?


Well, crap. I am apparently good at forums archaeology but bad at reading.


The archaeology is appreciated - it would be great to get this in front of the developers for (hopefully!) a quick fix.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity! :grin:


Yes, mana links are currently not working correctly.

Nimhain made a post saying otherwise, but I think she checked banner instead of mana links.

Banners are working as they should, mana links are not. If a player gets 2+ matches of the same color in the same instance, the +1 from a link only triggers on 1 of them, not all of them.


Thanks @tacet


PS4 version:

  • Also unable to see what is highlighted, just like XBOX
    -***The game is not saving my teams. Every time I reload the game, or even start new activities, it reverts to my old teams/weapons/banners from the previous patch. Help?


Is mobile version ever going to be fixed? Dungeons still unplayable. Many graphics still missing…


A reinstall has helped every player fix your issues. I had the same issue as you a while back.

Make sure you go into your options menu before you reinstall and write down your password and email so that you can link back to your account after reinstalling.


So… they broke it, and not going to repair it. Reinstall is a joke, as you have to play tutorial to link back account :confused: It is sad to see like this game is looking more and more like high school project. Professionalism level zero, QA level zero - every update brakes some major things…

Anyway @Zippity thank you for answer :slight_smile: I guess I will have to reinstall… :slight_smile:


Has anyone mentioned that the guild war defense team keeps reversing back to the same every time after I restart the game? Pc and iOS version




Thx, 10 characters


Since the update on Xbox one my gold winnings have been halfed on every aspect of the game. Are any others having this problem? And i have had no global chatt for quite some time now i dont believe i’ve been banned because i only talked to my friend in another guild? My GT is Spawn of Oozy my invite code is sophie withers… I would be most pleased if this could be investigated


Ever single colored GW team I setup last week as been replaced by a single team.

If the intention is to purposely limit variety in GW Defense teams, Or force player to login on Monday, then its working as I intended and please ignore this bug report.


On PS4, Stat bonuses from completing weekly guild tasks are still not displaying or calculating correctly or consistently.

Also, it seems that it has been almost two weeks since anyone has updated the original post (unless it has been updated without updating the update date). @Ozball or @Saltypatra


@Nimhain, Would you look into my problem please on Xbox one after the recent update my gold winnings have been halved across the whole game. explore/PvP/guild wars and arena. My xbox Guild is Phoenix guild my invite code is sophie withers if that helps. Thank you have a blessed day


They will get to it as soon as they can if you have made a ticket like Salty suggested. No need to post constantly on a bunch of different threads.


I hear that Queen Auroras 3rd trait doesn’t work as intended? Can anyone confirm this?


Hi. Today, I cannot select the new kingdom ( Merlantis ).
The market does not move there at all.
Does someone has an idea what’s happening ?
I play on PS4.


You’re not the only one reporting this issue (but see the next post for a workaround):

@Eika, Queen Aurora’s 3rd trait currently fires only once per stage of a cascade. It works just like all the other * Link traits, which in turn work like all “on 4 or 5 gem matches” traits. Nimhain confirmed Tacet’s suspicion that this is not how Link traits are supposed to work. Unlike Tentacles or other legendary traits, Link traits were supposed to fire once per applicable match.