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3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

This makes me sad to think of. I hope they will come up with a fix for many of these troops with 4 or 5 gem matches traits, soon.

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We can’t access merlantis on the ps4, confirmed by our guild.

Same for xbox. You can’t navigate to Merlantis on the world map anymore, but you can use the traitstone shortcuts to reach it.

Also on xbox, this…:

And two GW battles later, I hit A to start a match, the game crashed back to the splash screen, and it gave me a loss…

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Yes, my guild member just told me that you can hop there via arcane swamp stones.

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In addition looking at the Merlantis issue on Xbox One. It looks like many of the “paths” have been removed from neighboring Kingdoms. Ghulvania down to Pridelands, Pridelands up, Zaejin right to Adana or down for that matter too, etc, etc. etc. (just use the Kingdoms interface to see)

Playing on PC

Since the hotfix on monday the “Sacrificial Priest” now just sacrifices the last unit of the team, no matter on which unit you click.
Also the status animations for summoned or revived units are not animated…

Hey Moe, just letting you know they intentionally broke those to mitigate the effects of something else that is broken. Yeah, you read that right lol :laughing:

edit: I was sorta right… but wrong… see Ozball’s reply below.

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These troops have since been reverted. However, Sacrificial Priest got missed somehow. We’re aware of this and a fix for it should be coming soon.

We’re aware of the issue and will hopefully have it fixed soon.

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Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but the quick fix last week reintroduced the aspect-ratio problem on PS4. My screen is permanently zoomed in again and is cutting off the edges of all screens. It doesn’t affect core gameplay, but a couple examples of things that are annoying is it makes it impossible to see the index number/letters when scrolling through the troop list and cuts off the hot key indicator on the troop filter.

If I take a screenshot from my PS4, it actually displays as it should, but I can send a cell-phone pic or something if that would be helpful.

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Yup, we’re aware of it, and are looking into it. I’ll look at updating the OP at some point today.


I noticed since Monday 1 of my team scores dropped from 10,007 to 9,698. I did not change any troops. Is there another reason the scores would drop?
Thank you

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A common reason is guild statue bonuses running out.

Ah. Thank you so much. That was quick!!

This has likely been reported before because I haven’t watched the hotfix development of the Elspeth/Black Beast thing too closely since I use neither of the troops right now, but… I had to start exploring in Zaejin for traitstones now and a Black Beast on the enemy side - in fourth position - is, uh, eating itself. Constantly. Healing to full, creating skulls. That’s some impressive talent it has there. Don’t we all want to eat ourselves to heal all injuries?:sweat_smile:
Anyway, since it’s likely been reported a million times in here already, I’m not gonna attach screenshots right now, but I have them if they are needed.


Just found a Major issue, I was playing with Gorgotha in the first slot and as you know, he has heal status effects on spell cast…I cured a deathmark given by a Dark Troll. Then as soon as the other side began it’s turn. gorgotha died instantly…this has happened twice now.

Playing on PS4

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Deathmark would trigger at the start of your turn, so this feels like a somewhat unlikely cause. On a wild guess, any chance of (multiple) Famine/Death being in the opponent team? Their traits trigger at the start of their turn, and they can drain the first troop to death if it’s on low enough health.

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Gorgotha was at full health minus the Dark Troll hit. So I am thinking it may be a bug…like I said…deathmark was healed, Odd.

This should be fixed now.

Do you happen to have any video of this happening? Or any screenshots of the board setup?

Sure don’t, but next time it happens I’ll get one.

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