3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Started week with 12,000 point bonus for 24 unique troops. Today I was changing a team for Friday and changed it back to the original defense. Now my bonus points are 11000 points for 22 unique troops. All teams are still the same as the beginning of the week. Bug maybe?


One of my troops got deathmarked and a couple of turns later the deathmark triggered and popped the barrier but the deathmark still stayed on it. I ended up cleansing but later on the same thing happened I got DM put a barrier on DM triggered popped the barrier but the DM still stayed on. I ended up getting DM for a third time but this time I couldn’t put a barrier on and ended up dying when DM triggered for a third time in a single match.


I have just had kraken do aoe damage to my team!
I posted this to YouTube and I’ll tag a Dev and upload the link soon. It’s at the end but it’s only a minute so long.


The game is booting me out from the world map to the splash screen about half the time when the controller automatically turns off from inactivity.

I captured a video of this here:

I was in the other room and not even near my controller when this occurred. I was alerted to the fact I was booted out by the music changing. This has been happening very often since the update (It was not happening at all before the update).

Note that it does not always happen right after the controller shuts off either, although that is often a trigger. Sometimes it is an hour or more later.


I can’t destroy Blue gems with Anu’s Scepter

Text on the card


Was testing (playing as) Archer class with the +4 Attack Bonus Perk.

edit: PC player. Could this be “as intended” since Anu takes Blue Mana? Well, either way one of the behavior or the text isn’t correct.


I don’t know but look like you in trouble 1 vs 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my screenshot tool must have glitched out. What are the odds! :wink:


When your current Hero Class has a Trait with the word “Poison” in it and you search your Weapons for the word “Poison” it returns all of the Weapons in the search results.


I feel like I should be able to click on this splash screen and see the card. You’re hyping me up with the News but the only way for a user to see it AFAIK on PC is for to close the News screen, open the Troops screen, understand how to find and use the new Sort UI, know to Sort by UnOwned Troops, and also type the Troop’s name directly into the search box if they don’t want to scroll past potentially 200+ other cards to see it.

I think we all know that you guys need to sell to keep the lights on… helping people give you money isn’t going to bother anybody. Besides… the lazy man in me just wanted to see the darn card and not jump through hoops! So maybe on click just show the card as though you were already looking at it in your Troops screen and clicking it.


It has been like that as far as I can remember. I have always thought it was working as intended as Anu’s sceptre uses blue. But the text is not clear, it is true.


Thanks for that. I had a small suspicion it has always been that way but I hadn’t used it prior to last night.


ever since the steam update, my android requires a 17.98MB download before every launch.

if i take a phone call 2 minutes after launching the game, i need to download 17.98MB of new assets. why aren’t they a part of the installation? why aren’t they saved in some cache file or something?

my phone isn’t on an unlimited data plan, this is really frustrating.


I claimed the anniversary gift today, but I did not get the gems or the troop. I don’t even know the troops name since his card was bugged in the claim screen.


Deathmark doesn’t disappear on triggering, similar to Burning, it needs to hit the cumulative 10% chance each turn to expire.


The exact same thing has happened to me.


This error happens consistently for me everyone online in my guild chat sees the same thing:

I have 24 unique defense troops - display shows 21-24 randomly.
Also - scroll right to see last three days - the unique troops number will often change as you scroll!!



Then the mail disappears from your history so you can’t look there to find the troop name.


While I didn’t have this issue before the latest hotfix, Guild War defense troops get reset when I log-out/into GoW.


I have exactly the same problem.


New bug with the latest update to the Kraken / Trolls. Krakens spell now does 2 points less damage to the bottom target. If the spell description says it should do 27, it will do 25 to the bottom target and 27 to the one above. And no, this was not due to the bottom character dying. Happens for both my team and enemy team Krakens. Verified multiple times on both PC and Android.