3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


I’ve been experiencing multiple bugs on both android and tablet.

  1. Reward pictures are not shown (ie. traitstones, glory, etc) when collecting. They are not shown under the ‘hero’ tab either. Their names and amounts are shown, but the pictures are not. Troop cards are displayed. Other people from my guild and other guilds have had this happen to them as well. This started happening after the update with the new layout.

  2. When clicking on a kingdom after opening the game the screen pops up with the kingdom name, but options underneath are nowhere to be seen. It’s a blank screen. If I exit that pop up screen and re-enter that kingdom all the information is available (explore, quests, challenges, etc). The same goes with Dungeons, Guild, Soulforge, etc… blank on first entry attempt…close…enter. This started happening after the hotfix.

  3. After winning a dungeon the screen freezes with just my name and level. No rewards are shown not even their names/amounts. I have to close the whole game and re-enter just to play the next dungeon boss… then I have to repeat. This started after the hotfix but wasn’t a problem after the initial update. Others in my guild are having this problem.

  4. After closing chat, the box does not disappear. It stays transparent and I’m able to play the game with a transparent chat box on the screen. To totally get rid of it, I have to close the game and re-enter.

  5. At time I take gems and do not receive any mana from the matching. Jinx is not the issue. I’m aware of this happening at least 3x.

Any suggestions?

I do not have any pictures at the moment… but if they’re needed they’re easy enough to get.

Aside from those the game has been a blast for the last 2 years or so that I’ve been playing!


Today I got the keys but not the gems again.


Aren’t they diamonds?


Items 1 through 3 can all be fixed with deleting your application and reinstalling the game. This was a common problem for a lot of people when 3.2 first released.

Before you do that, make sure to register your account and write down your email and password. You can find this in the options menu of the game. This will allow you to link up your account to the new install once you have done that.


I have had scorpius hit three enemies and not the bottom two twice now.
I know the top troop was poisoned with 1hp but you can clearly see the bolts zooming across the screen and hitting three enemies.



Why on earth did the devs remove the kingdom power progress bars? If I want to see how close I am to powering a kingdom to the next level, I need to open each kingdom, click Manage, click Power… times 30 kingdoms. The progress bars need to come back. It makes it possible to see which kingdoms are close to powering up to the next level so I can focus my energies there.


I agree with you and it shouldn’t be necessary to use anything outside the game to do so, but if you’re looking for a helpful tool to manage your troops and kingdoms, may I suggest gowdb.com ? This is a website created by @Lyya, who is a GOW player and forum moderator. If you create an account on her website, you can link your GOW account and instantly see your progress on all troops and kingdoms, along with a lot of other great features. I use it almost daily to track my progress and focus my farming.


“Unfortunately, we will not be rolling back to the old version”

I see this countless times in that 70% negative review count in Steam XBOX ANDROID, but Not a single UN-automated reply of Why you wont use the old graphics or at the least or ADD IN A COLOR FILTER FOR THE TEXT LIKE ANY GENIUS WHO IS COLORBLIND; & did it EVER occur to you how many HANDICAPPED players CAN PLAY THIS GAME since its SIMPLE TO WORK, or how many with VISION ISSUES could STILL tell what they were clicking on?

You went P2W, you stripped the graphics ahead of asking\testing if it was worth it, and who ever was null enough to not care to notice each console and device LOSING more and more PLAYERS despite LONG WINDED UPSET FEEDBACK;
PLUS, you now have everyone who was escaping to their phone version due the UGLY interface, which you now for no reason tossed that update to lose EVEN MORE players! What are you simply slow on searching your player database?

You don’t explain, but you demand THE PLAYERBASE who is very upset to tell you what the hell needs fixing. and the worst decisions get placed first, despite 70 flipping PERCENT are SCREAMING at your entire team TO FIX your retro spectacle spit take of UI design and make changes based in the old UI.
In all seriousness ARE YOU even playing your OWN GAME outside of testing and patch fixes? Who are you hiring as BETA TESTERS? a bunch of Geriatrics?
As I am 1000% your OWN CHILDREN will not PLAY THIS in its CURRENT UPDATE… because of the same rhetoric of happy go lucky “FIXES” your smoking on.

And you all are on some Power point production of a windows 10 reject edition interface, pushing a ignorant power trip flip flop into a hyper shot to
financial hell.
DO YOU EVEN know how many numbers have filtered out because you don’t make it look like A RPG QUEST GAME?

Easier on the phones?? WHAT GENIUS THINKS THAT? my 50$ Go phone from AT&t can run that slosh JUST FINE! so who the heck is running a paperweight fossil?? even a dual core can run your game? DO YOU EVEN BETA your own CLAIMS!? oh and believe me I will happily send waves of every screen shot backing MY claims HELL ill even install xp on my Pentium and run your game on steam, tell me what PHONE are you referring to as “More better?” because IT WORKED FIIINE till your UPDATE!


Omg someone did a bad english>>> french translation job here!!

The bard weapon saying “gain” 24 vie it should be “gagne” 24 vie

and it say “nettoyer” lol wtf we now got a washing troop? It should be “purifie” et “enchante”, you can see it in the description on the right


“Purifie et enchante” would make more sense than the infinitive form.


Hello @Sown-Laughter the person who is responding to the Steam reviews is me. Unfortunately, the information that I post on the reviews is all that we are willing to say on certain issues.

In the future we will be looking into how to improve our troop filters further. As I stated earlier, we won’t be rolling back to the old version, but will do our best to make the new UI as user friendly as possible moving forward. You also state that we have lost players, the reality of all games is that they lose players, it happens. However, since the update, our playerbase has actually grown and continues to do so. We are aware that the new UI isn’t for everyone, but for the future health and growth of the game we believe it to be a necessary change.

In regards to playing our own game, we do, at length. We are going to be (hopefully!) expanding our QA in the future to help with upcoming updates.


lmao… 10 char


6 months ago when you took away 1 troop defenses you broke the power score of teams that were using a 1 troop defense. This is not a 1 trophy 800 gold 6k power score battle

It didn’t matter anyway the ai got up a Khorvash in 1 turn every single time it was empty and by the time I had Dawnbringer ready to cast the ai cast Khorvash killed my first 2 troops and drained the Dawnbringer


I’m absolutely certain no one has tested this new ui and troop search function on console. It’s just a colossal turd salty, it really is. It’s so much worse than what we had previously had it’s laughable. More menus, more button presses, harder to use and it takes longer! It’s so cumbersome and Ill designed. I do believe that the devs will get it right, but my worry is that there was nothing wrong with it before and after that ball - drop I’m worried it’s taking focus away from the other areas of the game that also need attention. It’s needs a total rework.


Are you sure this isn’t just a temporary blip as inactive players come back to see what’s new? I’ve been in a transitional phase and have been in 3 guilds over the last 5 weeks. During this period (including now) all these guilds have multiple vacancies and are desperate for people to join.


Scorpius killing all troops in one cast.


Unfortunately I don’t know if there’s anything that can currently be done about this. This leads to the Emperor Khorvash bug, where if one of the first two troops dies from spell damage, then the troop in 3rd slot will be mana drained. It is a side effect of the ways the spells are carried out in game.

In this specific case, the damage is applied first, killing both troops in the last two slots. Then the part of the spell that kills the last two troops if they are poisoned checks and sees the last two (now slots 1 and 2) are both poisoned and kills them.

Unless they change the code to select targets at the beginning of the spell and then never check any other slots, this won’t be changed. They need to check for last two slots (3 and 4 in the case of your video) and then only carry out the rest of the spell looking at those two slots.


I’ve been experiencing major lag on the Xbox One console lately,especially against gorgotha teams. Anyone else on console getting this lately ?


Another known issue that will not get read for xbox one. Your game is the issue, this isn’t a threat of rage, banter, or anything else. Ever since you increased the odds in favor for only the AI in cascading gems, Us HUMAN people, the ones who want to actually enjoy the game, are hating it. You way over charge everything in stores for trash mythic troops only to be beaten by some white in to mythics with huge increased stats and cascading odds that they wipe the floor with HUMAN players. Understand this, for over 20 yrs of gaming, I spent money on this, only for you to turn it in to whatever the hell this is now to rip me off money, and it goes for 1000’s of others that iv’e seen that have had enough and actually stopped playing completely. You wanted a way to make the game more difficult, well done, you accomplished that to a stupid level. Go join EA and go scam more people, you’d make a cute couple.


Not on Steam, not at this time.

So, I guess, change of player base is coming.

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