3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Steam is only one of our platforms. (Though it is the platform most devs play on! Mostly because we can have the game running while we are plugging away at work.)

However, I think that the new UI has been discussed thoroughly, and at this point in time there is no more news. If there is, I’ll let you all know.

Dev Q and A Question Gathering Time!

@Ozball @Saltypatra

The last few days I have noticed a significant decrease in my home gold before the rest of the tributes (Thanks Dev for adding the amounts)

I’m supposed to get 455 per hour and haven’t except when I do not log in for several hours. Last hour I got 93 gold for my home (said Home) and then a different amount for the others.

I know that there is a difference between HOME and TRIBUTE… someone want to explain to me what’s up? I can’t catch the picture quick enough – but I am planning on doing a recording of my screen next hour to show.


Your tribute gold comes from three sources: Home kingdom, other kingdoms, and tribute. If you watch your screen during the tribute collection animation, you’ll see the gold total increase three times — once for each source. Home+other is what equals the hourly rate shown at the top of the screen.


The clarity of this information is something we’re working on with the UI rework.

There are a few different factors to consider:

  • Gold/Hour (shown on the world map)
  • Gold/Kingdom (shown on Kingdom screen)
  • Gold/Day (shown on Kingdom screen, but includes all kingdoms)
  • Tribute screen gold

The gold/hour shows how much gold you get per hour from ALL your kingdoms combined. This is roughly equal to the Gold Per Day stat shown in the Kingdom screen, divided by 24.

The gold per kingdom, shown on the Kingdom Screen as “This Kingdom” tells you the amount of gold you get from that kingdom per day.

Gold per day, as mentioned above, shows the amount of gold you get from all kingdoms per day.

The amount of home kingdom income you see on the tribute screen should be: (Gold/Kingdom)/number of hours you’ve not collected tribute in. So if you’ve been offline for 1 hour, and you have a home kingdom income of 305 (as in the screenshot) you would get 305/24 or ~12 gold for the home kingdom amount.


The Known Issues list has been updated!




I’m pretty sure Jackelope is spilled incorrectly.

Jackalope is the usual spelling.


I always thought it was ‘spilled’ Jackelope tbh. :blush:


Better a spilling mistake than a Mana spill



Casual PvP isn’t showing trophies

The troop doing dying properly is still happening. I didn’t get the xp for killing it


On xbox there is a weird battle name during the dragonguard quest



I went to French immersion and lived in Montreal for 4 years while working at the original incarnation of GameLoft.

I am not an expert in French by any means so I would have to ask you… doesn’t «Géant de pierre» translate roughly to “Pebble Giant”?

Seriously curious. I always understood Pierre to carry the connotation of being a tiny stone.


Stone giant is more appropriate


In french “cailloux” mean small stones



Kerberos inexplicably knocks off barrier and deals damage with the same attack (and would have presumably devoured if successful…)


I had exactly the same thing happen today. I thought it was weird, but didn’t think to record a video.


Don’t worry Xbox users, we are the lowest on the Devs. priority list. Salty even said so herself, she’s tired of hearing from us. Apparently It doesn’t matter it you spend thousands on GoW, they’re just going to nerf everything anyways, and make the game virtually unplayable.


That’s a very bold statement and completely unnecessary to make that about @Saltypatra.


She’s made it clear a few times


I find that very hard to believe.