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Are Mana Link traits also only one per board?

As the title says - if you only get +1 mana per board, that would be a major nerf to any Mana Link troop. Especially Queen Aurora, and when unicorns cry, somewhere an adorable and sweet kitten becomes a solipsistic cat.

Why do you hate kittens?

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We don’t. They are delicious.

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Currently no, but may be something we look at in the future.

Thanks - so in this case “no” means Mana Link traits are not limited to one per board?

that’s correct

Great, many thanks!

I’m not getting the right amount of mana if this is true. Could this be bugged?

Looks ok to me.
Check your flag bonus/penalty?

I can confirm that links only trigger once per instance, not multiple.

Banner still works correctly though.

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Two screen shots below, I have the trident banner selected and cast giant spider on blue. This resulted in a 5 match and a 3 match, both of which surged. With giant spiders magic link, I should of gotten 18 purple mana (10 + 6 + 2) but I only got 17.



I think this is due to the latest change in response to the over-misuse of Kraken 3rd trait.
Essentially, All proc-on-4-5-gems trait can only activate once per board per troop now.
So in your case, it looks like Mana Link only proc’d once, which behaved correctly.
If you had 2 Mana-Links, then you would have gotten +2 per proc.

But…that was kind of the whole point of this thread, and @Nimhain’s response above seemed to indicate that it should still be 18 (mana link once per match, not once per board). So still an open issue, then?