152/150 GW Battles

My guild is showing 152/150 guild war battles this day, despite having only done 150. We did have 1 replacement member on Monday, but every1 is showing 5 total battles.

Not quite sure if this is glitching at all to give some guilds more battles/points, but despite this error all my guild’s points seem to be in order.


We have a similar problem: the screen shows that we have played 150 battles whereas we have only played 145.

Besides our score is wrong. If I add the total of the points of our 30 members, I find 169,238 points instead of 171,128. We have been having an unexplained difference in our favour of 1,890 points most of the day.
I have started tracking because it has seemed to me last week that we were, on the contrary, missing a few thousand points.
I will keep on checking this week and will create a thread if there is definitely something wrong.


Thanks for showing the results of our fight ;-).

I saw that you win against Olivia but she left our guild last monday… Another bug?

i think its good to keep defenders even after they leave - that ensures you have a paragon and everyone else defeniding you entire week

i think that part is not a bug, imagine what would happen - who would you attack - if enemy paragon was deleted?

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Cheaters everywhere! Everybody is on steroids.

@Tacet, @Aelthwyn - did you have a new recruit join your guild that week? maybe ask them if they did exactly that amount of gw fights before they left the other guild?

We did have a new recruit. I have asked the GL of the new guild of the person who left us to check and am waiting for her figures, but I had not thought of that option. It is a good idea. Thanks.

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I’d happily accept extra points; if it’s because of a glitch, so be it. Can’t dock you if you’re not outright cheating, after all.

I would mostly understand what is going wrong.

Our recruit has played 2 days of GW with his previous guild last guild. So he has gained a lot more than 1,890 points.
And the new GL of our ex-members says that she has a difference of 3K points. Which doesn’t seem to match with anything.
So there is something wrong, but I really don’t know why.

It would be interesting if some other guilds could check if the total of the points gained by their members is equal to their score.

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maybe only “the day he switched guilds” counts?
and also that guild he left could have more then just that one player join/leave to further point confusion…

just trying to figure out if the bug makes any sense