[More info needed] Incorrect GW games played/points wrong

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

In GW it is showing we have played less games than we have and the points are not counting. Have took screen shots.

Steps to make it happen again
Don’t know :woman_shrugging:

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not alot of detail in your post, but im pretty sure this is a duplicate combination of these bugs:

This one Kafka decided would only be related to the visual aspect of the battle count (even though points are indeed lost)

This one would be for the points lost in the case where a battle is not being counter and/or any other scenario.

These are very real problems that happen every GWs to roughly half of guilds. they are being tracked and worked on already :slight_smile:

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@Kay93x This has happened to us yesterday too. The difference vs actual was 1,782 points which is a decent paragon fight score. Ludicrous that this isn’t being reflected in the total


Yeah, it doesn’t seem like ‘such a big deal’ but when there is only a few thousand points between guilds in B1 sometimes it’s annoying. Ohwells :sweat_smile:

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Hi Guys, if you have the details and proof. Screen shots of all the scores added up and how they dont match totals. please include this in the appropriate bug report i linked above. this is still undergoing investigation by the devs and some live data might be useful.

this thread is duplicate…

Even knowing your platforms, invite codes and guild names would be helpful. Screenshots can be included in your forum post if you have them.

Same problem again today. Have PM’d you screen shots Kafka.

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Thank you! I haven’t had a look at the data yet but those screenshots look promising!
I’ll take a closer look this afternoon.


One more occurance.
My guildmate took battles about 30 minutes before days reset. Number of battles were updated, number of points were not(scored 3 wins, so some points should be added).
Guild: Merry Marauders
Nick: HaewockZ

Its screen from my perspective- points werent added there nor on schedule tab. Day was reseted, points still werent added, we lost a battle because of it.
EDIT: one more guy finished battles for that day(red day, 8th may), got 4/1, points on schedule tab did not change. Counting points on ranking tab do not reflect a couple thousand points - likely its from these two players battles. Nick of second player in screenshot: 20200509_090107

@Dawid Keep in mind that we now have 27/30 scoring for GW, where the best 27 scores for each day are counted.

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On that day we had 4 players with 2 wins - they should be the worst from 30. Two players I mentioned scored 3 and 4 wins - I think they should have more points than the ones with 2 wins.
Still - its good and probable explanation why points weren’t added.

This has happened to us again for the 4th GW in a row. Have sent more screen shots for you

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And we have the same bug AGAIN today :woman_shrugging: @Kafka is there any news on why this is happening or any kind of fix? Again it’s showing we have played less games than we actually have