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[Investigating] Incorrect GW Scores

There is a discrepency in what is shown in the data in game, in different spots.

For us here is our schedule page for this week:

Now, if we add up the totals for all 6 days, we have all 900 (895 as someone wont finish for the week their last day) fights done.

The total on here is: 1,454,144

When we go to the rankings page:

You can see that our total score is less by 1,477.

Now if you look at 4- - 6, there is a difference of 646 points, this is about half of what we are missing really, this can entirely change a guilds rankings, and not in a small amount. The different in rewards from 4 to 7 alone is 100 gems per player. If the top is closer, which it has been in past GWs, that can be the difference between 1st and 2nd costing an entire guild 500 gems each.

Can you please look into this, feel free to get in contact with me about any of the info @Kafka im happy to help out where I can :smiley:


The game is tracking you have 894 battles done as far as right now.

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Yeap. We have 1 person wont finish Blue day, and we have everyone else at 30 fights done.

There is 1 fight missing in the data.

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the one missing fight is a super duper old bug (before i even started playing) and seems that it has a fresh bug report
in fact it has happened on almost every day of GWs in B1 this week to a random guild. seems pretty common. and at least i recall it happening in all past GWs i have been involved in.

(Because Kafka is doing such a great job with bug reports lately, there has been a renewed interest in bug reporting from players :slight_smile:)

Well, we have the same bug then.

Unless my math is wrong.

But the game says we have 10 battles left and we actually do have 10 left.

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This bug does not affect every guild every day.

Have a look at some of the days, look at 1s that are at 899 fights total.

Unless its your guild, its hard to say for 100% sure that everyone has finished their fights for the day.

Our roster page shows 5 fights left though, and as you rightly pointed above, we have 894 fights completed for the week according to the data showing.

Your guild is day 1 my guild is ***

This is why its been a bug for literally years, it is hard to pin point what is happening, where it is happening and why it is happening.

With the change to 27/30 daily scores, it makes it a bit easier to find and work out the issue, as it is not counting a score from 1 fight randomly, that is now dropping that player, who otherwise may not have been in the bottom 3 for the day, down to that low and causing the discrepency in the score.

Short of screenshotting and showing you every persons results on the results tab, you would have to believe me lol

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Actually I can from Tarans

We had 1 person leave guild, who completed all 30 fights before they left



As you can see, it is showing Purple day as the day we are missing a fight. There is no way we would have 1 missing fight there, but all 5 done on Blue day, if the person who left only done 29.


I guess what I’m trying to say is the bug is deducting more points from my guild than yours currently. So if it is the deciding factor. It sucks, but it’s bug wars unfortunately…

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Are “skips” counted as a loss?

from memory, yes, but I havent seen someone click skip on a battle in forever, like when GW 1st started.


On a related note
Tell me how a guild manages to avg 4 losses a day
On average I lose 2 unwinnable matches a week due to rng (2 beginning board options for empowered troop for ai, or single turn leprechaun explode to my whole team being wiped out in a move, etc)
I don’t really care, a few extra gems don’t matter to me
But it’s pretty blatantly obvious something has been going on for well over a year on ps4

Wanna point out as well, the missing points we have are not the reason for this post. They would not have changed anything for us, its the incorrect data, and a bug in the system that could potentially cause issues for others as well as us.

This is a report of a bug, for the sake of fixing the bug, not for what it cost me personally.

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@Kafka It’s been a week and haven’t heard from ya on this one. anything to note or more info needed?

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I don’t have an update yet but plan to follow up later this week.


Wondering if there was any more info now that we are on the weekend @Kafka.

If not thats fine, but can we please get an update before GW starts back again.

We’re still tracking your points down :frowning:

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Hi @Kafka how goes the hunt for points?


Ok new GW, new issues lol.

I have talked with the leaders at Utopia’s Brothers about this bug and it has effected them this week as well, and they have given me some data to show for it as well.

To start with UBs:

We have gone through the data and this is how it is meant to look per day:


Based on the individual scores for the day, taking the top 27 it currently looks like:


As you can see, on Day 1 there is a descrepency in the score of 1662. To work out what happened:


Their score is 3278 lower than it should be based on Score Total and Score Predict. Based on that we see their bottom 3 for the day being:

chrome_V0HxWDm6kE (lower score is total for top 27 the day)

Now if we add the 3278 back to their total and rearrange the total for the day to take into account the new top 27 we get:

chrome_y4Z1xaUw7f (lower score is total for top 27 the day)

Using that, you can see above that it shows the total descrepency in the scores of 1662.

What it should be:

What it is:

You can also see that all 150 fights on all 6 days have been counted by the game, but the score itself is off.