Skipping GW fights for defense points not being added to total rank points

Platform, device version and operating system:
-OnePlus 5T running Android 8.1.0.
-Confirmed with another OnePlus 5T of unknown Android version
-Confirmed with Taran’s World. Not a device, but it pulls data.

Screenshot or image:
Lots of pictures incoming.

GW Results tab:

GW Ranking tab:

Taran’s World showing individual’s scores:

Taran’s World showing guild score:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Ultimately there’s two issues that I noticed.

Skipping a day should provide 2,000 points for unique defense troops. And, it did in the Results tab. However, it did not affect the score shown in the Ranking tab.

Note my guild only had 26 people in the GW, so the top 27 score rule doesn’t apply here.

Specifically, Penwize is my husband. Being lazy, he ignored GW all week so on Sunday I took his phone. I checked the guild score in the Ranking tab which was at 977,278 points. I then went to the Attack tab and pushed the “Skip” button. I checked the Results tab, and it showed Penwize as having 2,000 points. Perfect, as that’s what he got for unique defense troops. Then I checked the Ranking tab and saw the score didn’t change, it was still 977,278.

Confused, maybe I didn’t remember correctly, I tried again. I skipped another day. Under Results, Penwize correctly showed as having 4,000 points. Under Ranking, the score was still the same at 977,278.

Still confused, I switched to my own phone under the Snooj account. I could see in the Result tab, that Penwize’s score was 4,000. But, the Ranking tab still showed 977,278.

Penwize’s 4,000 points was not being added to the score under the Ranking tab.

This now leads to the next problem…

I added up everyone’s score in the Result tab manually and got 961,413. This is less than the Ranking tab of 977,278. Where did the extra points under Ranking come from?

I thought maybe one of the two tabs was out of sync, so decided to wait until after GW, today, Monday, to double check. This morning, I went to Guild Wars → Ranking → Your Results, and it shows exactly the same thing as the previous day’s Result tab of 961,413 points. So the Ranking total of 977,278 was always too high.

Today, Monday, I also checked what was posted on Taran’s World. Interestingly, Taran’s World shows both of the exact same numbers, both 961,413 and 977,278.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
No idea. I never checked our GW scores this closely before.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Set GW defense troops to be all unique.
  2. Ignore all GW battles until Sunday.
  3. On Sunday, skip a battle.
  4. The Results and Ranking scores will be out of sync.

Note on these steps, I don’t know if the Results and Ranking score were in sync before the skip happened. This is just when I noticed it was out of sync.

Also, this bug report may be related to an older, still active bug:


It used to not give you points at all for skipping battles. Not sure what changed. Might reach out to the person and ask why he is skipping battles unless you do not require your folks to do battles.

In this case, the person who skipped battles was my husband so I used his phone to do the battles. :wink: I mentioned that in the post. His points showed up in the Result tab, but not the Ranking tab.