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[Reported] Guild war points - bug or cheat?

It is tuesday, the first day of guild fights. The fights are on for about an hour and a half. The guild on position 261 in the attached screenshot has scored one million points.
I see three possible reasons.
One, this is a display error.
Two, the points of the previous guild war were copied in by mistake.
Three, one of their members has found and used an exploit.

I think, this issue deserves a bit attention.

The usual informations:
Game platform: Steam
Operation system: Windows 8.1
“What did you expect?”: A regular point range, somewhere around the range of the following guilds. Certainly not more than 50k at this point.
“How can the issue be reproduced?”: Opening the guild war points table and checking the 260s bracket.


P.S.: I may add, that these points were not there from the beginning, but only appeared somewhere between 30 and 70 minutes after the start of the fights and after other guilds had already earned points.

It looks like a recurring bug, something similar happened a month ago in bracket 3.

Same bug in bracket 20, it looks like the score was not reset from the last guild war


Almost the same screen as in the first post. Bug or something else?

This is just a bug. It happens in a few brackets every time GW is played.

It’s not a bug if there’s no compensation.

But what will be in the end of GW? This guild will be a winner in any case. Someone should fix it.

I genuinely hope this does not affect the end results of the war. SMDH

@Kafka as you’ve been around today and replying to other threads please can you let us know what the plan is for this bug?


At least the bracket 27 bug seems to have been fixed for now. Let’s hope, you could find some potential reasons for this to happen in the code while you were at it.

@Saltypatra or @Kafka ; could you please have someone take a look at bracket 20 for us? Lusoboys score still hasn’t reset from the last GW’s.


One of the Bracket 20 scores still hasn’t been reset. Does this situation get automatically fixed at the end of the week??


I reported this, I’ll follow up. It shouldn’t affect anyone’s rewards.


Less than 100 points :rofl: :crazy_face:

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Closest GW race that I have ever been a part of personally. I’m a little bummed though to still see Lusoboys showing as leading even though the score is not accurate.


Thanks Kafka. Unfortunately, current information appears to show that it has affected rewards, both those in the mail and the bracket movement that will result if the standings remain. Please can you make sure it’s resolved before the next war, as I know from past bug reports that it’s not possible to shuffle guilds in brackets once the guild wars week starts.


I have given it a few days to collect my thoughts on this and convey them in a proper manner.
Our GW’s bracket had a scoring error last week which was documented in this thread on Wednesday. That should have left ample time to rectify it. Instead, nothing happened and the week ended with the guild that carried over the previous GW’s score winning our bracket. Now it was said that this wouldn’t affect rewards, but I’m here to tell you that it did.
For one, we ended up winning this bracket and nobody in my guild received the 50 gems for doing so as we rightfully should have.
Also, I’m sure this will interfere and impede our bracket placement for the next GW’s, as well as the other guilds’ in this bracket.

I am not needing the gems and this is why I have not submitted a ticket for the due rewards., but I’m sure that some in the guild could sure use them.
My hope is that you guys will set this right and do the right thing.


@Kafka this is a very serious GWs bug! Not only causing the wrong 30 players to receive 50 gems each but setting a guild or multiple guild’s hard earned progress back at least a month if not more because of bracket jumping!!

Will your team be able to set all the guilds onto the corrected bracket for next month?

How can we help get this GWs bug fixed before next month?


I second this. The bug directly affects the placement of multiple guilds in the game’s only competitive game mode.
If this keeps happening it can have some serious effects on the playerbase and their views on the game.