[Investigating] Guild Wars Scoring Broken AGAIN

Looks like Guild wars scoring is broken again. Not sure if this happened previous days as I didn’t look, but this morning 1st battle didn’t give the additional points.

Could you show a screenshot of your defs too, please? You could be missing 2000 points because defence troops are not unique (there are other bugs that can impact this). We need to rule that out before claiming that the bug where the def score wasn’t added has returned.

It’s not a big deal for me or our guild, we’re not in high brackets where every point counts.

Thank you for the report and the follow-up showing your defences. It looks to me like the scoring bug has either returned or was fixed in a way that dramatically reduced how often it happened but didn’t completely fix it. [Investigating] No Defense score added to GW

I’ll share this with my guild family and we’ll be keeping an eye out for it. I’m sure others will be doing the same.

:+1: Hopefully it was just a glitch and doesn’t affect anyone where every point matters. Definitely doesn’t for us, on Day 1 all my battles were against defenses that had level 1 troops. It’s kind of nice, can run right through and move on to something else.

Hey @JoyBear

I’ve passed on your account details and your team structure in the screenshot you shared, to our development team for further investigation.

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