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GW fights aren't showing points (Fixed)

Not sure if this is a bug but I can’t see how many points I get per battle.

Also 15 PvP points for a paragon fight didn’t it use to be more than that?



Yep, something is wrong here. Bugged side effect of GW’s blanket improvement?

I’m on Android, but this seeems to effect all platforms.

Is it still showing here?

Yep still showing



Yeah, still does. The only way to know points for each battle now is to note it down 5 times, then subtract to get each result. It’s not a effective way at all though. I hope they fix it soon.


Ugh. Lol 🤦

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Same here


I’m having the same issue folks.

Needs to be fixed.

My guild has it too.

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Working as intended - part of the new minimalist AI direction. In 4.1 chest rewards are just going to say, “Troops.” :wink:

This also saves the dev team from those pesky translation issues that the Roman gamers have been complaining about - it’s not trivial to fit MDCLXXVIII on one of those tiny little cards.


All of this has to do with them tinkering with the guild wars system Imo.

I just wonder why there wasn’t a official announcement about all of this…

What else is being ninja fixed?


Oh well, like it or quit I suppose…


I know a lot don’t watch Salty’s weekly stream, but she has been giving details about guild wars having some tweaks for weeks. I think this might be a bug though, or unintended side effect.

Broken on Xbox too.

Yeah and the same bugs are around, wins counting as losses. I can’t ever seeing this broken mode ever being fixed. So glad I’m missing the rest of the week of it. Maybe it is time to quit :joy:

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They either don’t have a dev server or don’t have a good process for separating dev work from released code. Stuff like this always happens in the month leading up to the patch.

Same here. Talk about temporary panic! Lol.

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Same with our Guild…

Please check my thread for further information
Upon Guild war changes! Totally crazy their justification and unfair on those who worked hard to be moved up and not be positioned correctly

Sorry to see another person thinking about quitting because of guild wars…

I hope you change your mind.

At this point the Devs don’t seem to care about GW at all anymore, the players should follow that example and enjoy the other stuff in the game instead.