1.0.8 Preview Part 1 - Chests and Keys!


Big updates are coming to chests in 1.0.8!
Get the first details here >> http://bit.ly/1TxkNF6

Some Questions Xbox One 1.0.8

I am ready! :smirk_cat:


So is this update for the PC version only or will the consoles also experience these changes?


PC/Mobile for now. Consoles are still awaiting the 1.0.7 release.

Edit: Just watched the preview;


Ok, this is getting super exciting. I think I’ll save my gems for the big release, I’m really looking forward to the new patch! :smile:


Ooooooooooooh, shiny!

Alsooooo was that a level 20 slime I saw in there…?


Yeah, this looks really nice. And totally saving gems, they appear to have a use now.


@Sirrian - Cheers! Really appreciate the heads up on exactly what will happen with key conversion and chests so we can make sensible decisions regarding keys and gems, etc.

Not everyone reads the website/forum/Facebook page though. Will this be posted in the in-game news too?


Oy! Nice catch at Time 2:57


I wonder if that means we will get to choose the types of keys we get in the conversion, or if it will be random.


That’s mentioned at Time 3:52


Heh, my mistake. I thought I noticed OR, not AND! Thanks for pointing that out to me.


This video shows how to open chests with basic ressources (gold, glory or gem… and why not souls?).
But, we don’t have any informations about how to obtain the keys.
My assumptions:
Gold keys -> exploration task
Glory keys -> tribute
VIP keys -> VIP system.
Event keys -> weekly achievements or free keys each week

And, maybe the “sacrifice-troops-to-improve-rarity” is in fact a “sacrifice-troops-to-increase-max-level”… That’s why we can see a level 20 Slime. Or maybe not ;-).


Ok, since no one else has asked yet…What’s a trait stone?


Troops will be upgraded with said traitstone - you’ll have to collect them and use them to improve your existing roster. I’m sure we will get another nice video about it in the future. :wink:


How you can obtain keys is still being finalized, so we can’t go into too much detail there.

Will be explained in a future video.


Thanks Nimhain for your answer.
Do it means that the patch is far from its release?
Because when I see a patch preview, I think “yes the patch will be released within this month.”

Gems seems (too much?) important: you can buy three kind of chests with that and gem/event chests are the only ones giving some arcane/celestial runes.
That’s why I ask about the keys.
Wait and see.

Nice “new” avatar ;-).


There are many variables to get a patch released, but we are hoping to have it out as soon as possible.


Strange, but the thing I walked away with from that video was “Hmmm, so @Sirrian 's home kingdom is Karakoth…” while everyone else seems to be talking about other stuff.


Ok I’m really excited with this video, so can you share when is the next video coming up? :smile: