Console update link broke?


Dose anyone have a working link to the console update preview? the in game message sends us to a broken link to read about part 1 of the update chest n keys


what link?


This one


ewww wonder if i should blow all my monies on gold keys before that hits… not sure if i should keep hoarding glory… or blow it for souls while we still get 40 for 10 glory its 25 on pc i think…


yea im shooting for 100 iron keys by nights end just incase it drops tomrrow since it dosent say


It’s trying to link to one of the previews we did when 1.0.8 came to PC/Mobile:


Thanks i typed that dang thing out `0 times keep gettin a error lol Any clue when the patch willl arrive ?? thi week next week>>>???


im gonna play the arena till i cant keep my eyes open to get as many keys and glory as possible…cant wait


im hoping some new cards and kingdoms come along with it


Sorry I don’t know. 505 Games and Pipeworks develop and manage the console versions of the game.


they are very silent about the update…its coming soon prttey soon im guessing and wont be surprised if its in the morn or next week


Yea i know sony adds ps updates on tuesday so sould be tomrrow


so as far as glory and iron keys… what do you pc people think? save em or spend iron keys before conversion… also should i blow the glory incase the soul price goes up like it is on pc… we get 40 soul for 10 glory atm…


Draco how many cards do you have now that will help get you a answer…im sittin at 110 just missing a few So im holding my iron keys to convert,right now at 53…thats 53 glory keys and 106 gold keys 50 glory keys alone is 1,000 glory on pc and i havent been playing long enough to get that much lol

The magic keys i dont see as a good tradr off 1 gem key is 10 gems but 1 magic is 15 gems…im holding my gems for the event keys that are 15g each…yes you get 2 gold keys to per trade in but thats just 600g not worth 5 gems to me


ive got all cards but summer imp,kos,carnifix and moloch… but i need more for ascension for sure got over 100 of a few commons but i can use more and gold keys cant get ur-legendary so gold is gonna be blah for gettin stuff when currently it can get anything… 2 gold key, + 1 glory is pretty much what we got for an iron key now… but i guess were probably gonna get traitstones…


I’m kinda wonderin if we really are gettin this soon or this is a message from the pc version… that we are not actually supposed to get… @Sirrian any idea?


They should fix this Guild bugs so that you can change Guildleader . There is no Option for the Leader to demote himself on Ps4