CONSOLE: An Update on the Update!

Hey Console Folks,

Good news today… The next console update has been sent out to Microsoft & Sony for certification & testing, after which we can finally let it loose in the wild!

What’s in it?
We’re calling this update 2.0.1, because it contains most of the stuff that was included in the Mobile/PC 2.0.1 update
You’ll also find that we’ve done a bit of polishing pass on the layout and visuals.

When will we get it?
Late next week is a possibility. As always, things can go wrong though in certification though… if so it will be delayed, and we’ll keep you updated. Let’s cross our fingers, toes, and broadswords, and hope that it’s only a week away though.


Awesome news!!! I love you guys!!!

So does it mean we will start getting 3 troops bundles the week after the update go live?

Happy days


There is the patches notes


WOW THX a lot Guys!!! Nice Work!!

Dont forget 2.0; all thats in there of note is the PvP changes though…


Yeah it will be nice… i am so happy that this all come soon to us :wink:

Been looking forward to this for ages :slight_smile:

What about chat? When will we get ?

Chat should be in this coming update.


which will be the first update simultaneously on all platforms? maybe 2.2?

thank you^^

Thanks for the update how things are progressing! Now that its been submitted and the train has left the station, could you share any details how the Troop discount bundles will be offered?

Great news!


Nice notice
thanks :laughing:

Am I the only one hoping the update certification is somehow expedited?

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Think we’re all in the same boat.

I read through, they look like some seriously cool updates. Looking forward to them, do we have any idea when they will be available?

Two updates (2.0 and 2.0.1) together. Amazing. This is gonna be really cool. Can´t wait !!!

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They say the end of next week is possible; during the following week is more likely