So when is this update gonna hit Xbox One and PS4?

Did I miss something, cause it has been about two weeks now since they were talking about an update, haven’t heard anything since. From what I can tell they have been talking about the PC version getting another update, but not consoles…

I dunno, does anyone have some relevant info about the console update, in particular, a release date?

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Only thing ive found on it was posted by who ever is on Gems of war facebook posted friday (12th) under the love is in the air topic reply to someone asking about the update on consle

“Gems of War Hi BK, while our studio isn’t working on the PS4/XBox update (it’s done by the 505/Pipeworks guys), I was talking with them last week, and they tell me it’s not too far off. No exact date yet, but soon.”

From what i can figure we still haven’t got the in game pop up message for preview video #2 and #3…So i think its still a week or three off

hopefully soon, i’ve been stockpiling currencies for a few weeks now, that temptation to spend diamonds …

Thanks, appreciate the feedback!

Sitting on about 2.5m gold and 90k souls in anticipation. Can. Not. Wait.

I have been wanting to get into this game on my ps4 but I feel like I’m going backwards and realistically if I wanna play gems I play on pc because of the updates so I really hope the ps4/xbox1 versions catch up soon