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Update for ps4!

Why is there a 2.0 update for ios and android but my ps4 says it on uodate version 1.06 and also on ios and android they been givin stuff for because of server issues and ps4/xbox have not

The current Console version is referred to 1.085 as it is based on the 1.08 version of the PC/Mobile version with some of the 1.09 information (mostly troop stats and related data).

Because Consoles have a more stringent process for patches to be approved, they will always be a little behind the PC version. A new patch will likely come soon as they have been releasing one about every 3 months which should bring us up to 1.095 (the 1.09 version with some 2.0 elements, mostly troop stats and related data again).

And I’m speaking only with the best guesswork based on past trends here so it is possible we could be completely surprised, though I feel the above scenario is most likely.

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I just find it strange that mine says it is 1.06 version and cant update game am on ps4 and i am having trouble with 3 purchases i got off olay store 2 were free and one i paid for and recieved nothing for them if can help it be great thatnks

The 1.06 just means it’s the 6th patch released for the PS4 but the content is based on the 1.08 version of the game with some 1.09 elements. If you are having problems with the store, you should contact support, which unfortunately I don’t have off hand right now.

Could u also tell me if ps4 are getting rewarded with things likios/android did as my son on tablet and just got a load stuff because of server issues and again i got nothing on ps4

PS4 and Xbox One players didn’t receive anything because those platforms didn’t have the same server issues.

All of the other differences you mentioned can be explained by the console version of Gems of War being a few updates behind the PC/Mobile versions of the game. We’re working to bring all versions of Gems of War in line with one another, but currently there are still differences.


Also contact support about your missing purchases.
For the last 2weeks I have also not received my purchases. Will be opening another ticket tonight.
@Nex @Mr.Strange @505GamesSupport @Foresti

Any word on why this is happening? No spinning wheel or anything after purchases

@death Hey, what kind of purchases are you missing? In-game Shop, or from the online console store?

Gassmonkey appears talking about buying stuff from the PlayStation Store. There used to be a PlayStationPlus Exclusive Pack offered Free to PSPlus members which seems to have disappeared. Where did it go? I have yet to download it on PS4, and no, I definitely did not abuse trying to purchase it.

In-Game store. My purchases through psn always work.