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Console update?

Anyone have any NEW info on when console might get their update. I have been at a stand still it seams, saving all of my resources waiting for the upcoming update. Couple thousand keys, couple thousand gems, half mil gold, 10k glory. Itching to use them up, but really want to wait for the update.

You have seen this I presume…

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I did not see that. Thanks Robert! I guess I can hold all my sh** for another week. :unamused:

Indeed. I am bursting at the seams; been storing for months and need to use them before I combust

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Where did you land? Or did you start a new guild?

i probably shouldnt have found out about the patch, all this anticipation is killing my vibe for the game, and i cant really afford to do that in my guild =/. i just want the new pvp, a few of the troops and kingdoms, and we are gold.

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