Feb 1st New features notification on PS4


So I logged into (PS4) GoW yesterday and was presented with an new feature notification about keys and how they are awarded, what they unlock and the different tiers of keys.

This seems to be similar to the way keys work in the mobile version.

What is the community’s thoughts on the changes? Is this the big 1.08 update or some kind of combination of the android key system while still remaining as the current PS4 version (no trait stones or card Ascension upgrading).

For those that went through the transition on other platforms, where is the better value? Spend all of your keys prior to the upgrade or save them for when they keys are redistributed as Gold chests, Glory chests, Gem chests? I think the notification said something about 1 iron key being translated to 1 gold chest key and 2 glory chest keys? Or something… lol. I’ll have to look again after work.

I’m sitting on about 50 keys now and not sure if I should blow them all or save them for post update.

Also, hopefully we get keys as drops during gameplay. The mobile version seems pretty generous with key drops as you match gems.

I’m looking forward to the changes I think. Pulling 3 sh1tty common cards over and over with an iron key is getting old.


In the mobile version, gold keys can’t pull anything higher than a rare. Also the drop tables are saturated due to the inclusion of traitstones, glory, souls, and gold, in chests. Also considering the number of commons required to get a common to mythic you may miss getting all those commons hehe.


Basically using keys now will gain troops only, whereas saving them will gain traitstones and troops (and some gold/souls/gems/glory).

Playing on Steam/Android, I saved all my keys until after the update and I don’t regret that decision.


I can’t wait for the update…I do have 1 maijor problem lol i have no patiences , i haven’t had a present on christmas morning since i was 7 (decades ago lol)… So saving keys is a problem…i plan to have lest 50 iron saved, Had 50 when i woke up seen the patch was n’t here so spent them lol got 1 epic and 1 lengendy had them both…so time ot build 50 more keys lol
Just give me Sheggra please…i refuse to pay $60 just for that dang card


Horror the chest will be
Gold Chest… 300g = white-green cards
Glory Chest…20 glory = green-purple wwith a chance at lengendary
Gem Chest…10 gems = blue - purple with a 4x chance at lengendary
Event Chest…15 gems = event card plus any cards from the kingdom

the chest also contain other items not such as trait stones, gold, glory,gems
Nowww those are pc prices so we will see heres the video page
Update part 1 chest and keys


From what I gathered reading previous topics regarding it, the change seemed polarizing at best.

I personally have decided to use all my keys aside from 50 Iron and 10 Magic. (Was sitting on ~170/60 previously) A little bit of both. I was hoping to fill out my roster before the parch hit but I am still missing 2 Legendary (Abhorath/Keeper - aside from Summer Imp) and 1 Epic (Azris). I could be worse going in I suppose, though.


If you’re not in one of the top 5 guilds I’d probably use my keys now because you’ll want the extra’s to ascend. If youa are then you probably have enough to get most commons to legendary at this point if not mystic so I’d save them and buy chests to get trait stones and abuse people with your resources.


The break-down is as follows for key conversion post update:

Iron Keys = 1 Glory Key + 2 Gold Keys
Magic Keys = 1 Gem Key + 2 Gold Keys

The whole chest system is being redefined as such (assuming anyway…as it is in the mobile version):

Gold Chests: Can be opened using gold. Gold chests have a chance to give Common Troops, Rare Troops, Common Traitstones, Rare Traitstones, or Resources.

Glory chests: Rare or better troops, major & Runic Traitstones, chance for Legendary

Gem Chests: Can be opened using gems. Gem chests have a chance to give Ultra-Rare or better Troops, or Ultra-Rare or better Traitstones. Gems chests have a 4x chance to get Legendaries, compared to the 3x chance of the old Magic Keys.

Event Chests: Can be opened using Gems. Rewards are influenced

VIP Chests: Can only be access by VIP Members

So I guess it depends on what you want. More troops… probably use your keys now because post update, traitstones and stuff will be coming out of chests too so you may not actually get 3 troops per “iron” key pull as you do currently.

Decisions decisions…


There is an additional consideration here. We may get new kingdoms when we get this update, as we are missing 3. That means new troops, so having some keys to open wouldn’t be a bad thing.


Yeah… I’m curious about what this update is exactly. The notification we get on PS4 upon login speaks to the keys and chests, but not about the other features that 1.08 has on other devices.

At this point it seems a stop-gap feature update without actually pushing the game to match up with the version the mobile community is running. I guess that’s PART 2…


I spent all of my keys hoping to get the troops I was missing since you had better luck before the update. It really depends on how many cards you’re still hoping to get I guess.


That’s what I was thinking as well. I’m only missing 9? I believe. 8 Legendary and 1 Epic. So will keep using them as I get them. besides, I keep getting the task to ‘use 20 keys’ so this helps me keep completing task.

Also, since I’ve only been playing for about 8 weeks or so, not including last week snow duty that limited play the whole time! :rage: … I’m sure there’s others who have played longer and should have a lot more keys, so their options should be better.


The same message was on my XB1, and i’ve been spending all my irons in an attempt to get those 9 legendaries, and 3 epics i still need.


Yeah, XB1 here as well. Forgot to mention that. Figure they are both pretty similar though.


I would imagine the Xbox and PS4 version are very close, if not identical in terms of gameplay and structure.

Logging in today revealed a different (and poorly formatted) welcome banner about the changes and it actually said it’s the 1.08 update, Part 1.

I gather part 1 is the chests and key type changes, and the rest is coming after that… Which means we’re likely to lose single player “tasks”. Tasks are a major source of income and gems for me… in fact, I better go knock off some tasks right now…


I’ve asked about this, tasks are sumthin the pc never had and the devs are seriously considering adding them to the phone/steam version in update 1.10 so I don’t think we are in fear of losing them… I was also worried… I’m not sure what I’d do without em… they give me short term goals…


Based on what I’ve seen with other games I’d be severely suprised if we got such a small part of the future content on it’s own. Due to the certification process companies tend to try to put as much into a single update as possible, with large windows of time inbetween. Otherwise it’d take an eternity to get the game updated.

And as DemonicDraco said the tasks are something that the console dev team came up with, so we should be fine on those. Hopefully they even fix all the typos and anomolies :stuck_out_tongue:


This is more a reference to how the app was updated. The part 1 is part 1 of the the preview series. I think it was 3 previews total or maybe just 2 and the update happened very quickly after the last preview hit.


Any idea when this is actually going to happen? Constantly getting the notification when I start up GOW is all well and good but it doesn’t give me a time frame.


Yeah, I’m not sure when the update will hit but like Forloveofevil said, it can’t be far off if pipeworks is previewing the changes and making a pretty big deal out of it.

I did my own preview by downloading the Android version and it’s pretty good. I like how keys seems to flow a little more freely and you can kinda dictate the cards you go for by unlocking certain chests. Gems seem more scarce though, hopefully the console version will retain the rotating tasks feature, as some have predicted. Some dude had a goblin with like, 40 health! Not sure what was up with that. lol Ascension I guess.