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Xbox One - New Update

This update was to punish older player for playing before those new feature. I am level 71, let me tell you I played a s*** load of game… where are all the stone I could have win after each match? I also had 6 magical keys before the update which could have net me a total of 18 creatures. Now they converted my keys and I only got 2 creature and 4 stone. Am I supposed to think this is great? And now we can upgrade the maximum level of a creature by using extra creature… Why? Why would you chose to do that? You can’t change the rule of the game at mid game. I used to sell all my extra creature keeping at least 4 of each (in case I would want to play with 4 of the same creature). If I knew from the begining, I would have kept all of my extra creature.
This game took a big step toward Pay to Win instead of Pay to go faster.

For the rest, the game HUD look better and thanks for the few new achievements! New difficulties is great too I guess but I am pretty sure it will be a waste of time, too easy to lose because CPU are always getting near infinite combo…

Your 6 magic keys were converted to 6 gem keys and 12 gold keys. It was better to use it before the patch, but it isn’t horrible after it.

Pretty much everyone, even on PC/mobile, had to deal with the “restart” of only having about 4 of all troops. Also, looking into the PC/mobile discussions in advance would have shown this coming months ago.

Everything is still easily obtainable for free, so nowhere near P2W yet. If console versions are like PC/Mobile, you will even be able to get arcane traitstoens in weekly events as well as event keys whenever both via glory. This easy method of arcane traitstones cuts a lot of grind and event keys can easily target specific epics and legends based on the event week.


Ok, is it easier to get glory point from now on? I saw that everything cost a lot more of those point, my guess was that we can earn a lot more?

If everything is like PC/Mobile in regard to glory, which I believe all is currently aside from objectives:

  • Gold keys have a chance to drop 20 glory
  • Glory keys have a chance to drop 40 glory
  • All PvP matches give 3 glory
  • AI defend wins give 3 glory and AI defend loses give 1 + 3 for the re-win
  • Maps give a decent chunk of glory to the point that a decent treasure hunter player can easily rebuy a map after every map use
  • Rank 1 in PvP gives something like 300 glory per week
  • Not quite sure, but I believe PS4 and/or Xbox have objectives that can reward glory
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Indeed, you now earn Glory from every PvP match. This allows you to grind for glory directly, if you wish.

Also, the new kingdom level system allows you to get a significant amount of glory from tributes. Try setting your home kingdom to Whitehelm!

The update also gives you great ways to get more gold, gems, and keys. The economic curve is longer, and allows you to go higher even without any real money investment. Though the VIP system also makes real money purchases even more valuable…

Where are the new troops? I’ve opened hundreds of chests and have yet to get a troop that wasn’t already available in the xbox version of the game. On the PC version I would have gotten several by now.

New troops unlock each week - new kingdoms unlock on that cadence as well.

Since we didn’t know exactly when this week the update would go live, none of the new troop events begin until the start of next week. The weekly events will let you know what new kingdoms / troops are available each week.

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So the new troops are only available in event chests or how does that work?

A new troop is unlocked each week. Starting that week, several things happen:

  1. The troop may be purchased for glory.
  2. The troop becomes available in the appropriate* chests (Glory chests, Gem chests, Event chests, VIP chests)
  3. The kingdom bundles available for purchase change for that week - to match the current theme kingdom.
  4. If a new kingdom is unlocked, all troops from that kingdom unlock as well for chests.

*I say “appropriate” because chests only contain certain rarities of cards - so depending on whether the troop for that week is Ultra-Rare, Epic, Legendary… it may or may not be available in all of those chest types.

We’re still in Khetar’s week, and our troop is Bone Dragon.


Ok got it. Thanks for the explanation.

@Mr.Strange or @Nex

Two questions about the Update (which me and the wife are loving!);

(1) So it is confirmed that we aren’t getting the new Treasure Hunt settings?

(2) Any word on Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands?

We’re glad you’re enjoying the update!

To answer your questions, neither the new Treasure Hunt settings, nor Drifting Sands/Blighted Lands are included in the update. Basically, if it’s not in the patch notes we released earlier this week, it’s not currently in the game.

However, we do have plans to continually add more content for the foreseeable future. The new kingdoms, for instance, are high on our priority list. We can’t make any guarantees at the moment, but you will certainly see additional content from the PC/Mobile games appear on consoles.

We just have to wait until they’re added it seems.

Yeah that’s for Grosh-Nak, Wild Plains and Darkstone.

Consoles need more banners with Brown badly.

Lots of people are enjoying the update but it killed the game for me. Been playing since late December but I think I’m going to stop playing at this point. My biggest complaint is how little I got from using 6000+ keys. I got a few traitstones and a few cards sure. Even ~$100 worth of gem chests gave me next to nothing. I was expecting to pull in a lot of gold and souls, but I ended up getting maybe 10-20k gold total and around 3k souls. It was a complete joke. I had been saving those keys for upwards of 2 months and got like an hour worth of gold and a few days worth of souls. It was a fun time waster but at this point I find the game mechanics just too pathetic to continue wasting time on it.

The keys are to get Troops, and to a lesser extent Traitstones, not Gold or Souls. Gold is from PvP and Souls are from Challenges/Arena. None of that’s changed.

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I am finding the new update to be… challenging, to say the least:) I did notice something that has me a bit puzzled: In this picture, everything is correctly represented about what i have except Glory. I do not, in fact, have 87K+ Glory. I have a paltry 202.

My husband’s account is also misrepresenting Glory, I believe he has about 38 “real” glory, and his account is stating he’s got around 21K. now, I’m not demanding i actually should have that amount, (which would be nice, for sure), but I think it’s a bug that needs looking at.

Would you please go to the shop -> rewards, and see what it says there? That’s the other place where your glory is displayed.

My specific question is - what problem is happening here?

  1. You have 87,000 glory for no reason?
  2. You have 202 glory, which is displayed in the rewards shop, but the hero collection displays a crazy amount.

Since we haven’t heard reports of this yet, we don’t have much information to go on. So a bit more digging from you would be great.

The problem is #2. I wish i had 87K glory. ALL THE KEYS. ALL THE THINGS!
ETA: if I had 87K glory for no reason, i would be spending it like mad, and not complaining, like some nonce did during the “magic Key” fiasco:D

I have the same problem one spot says I have 62000 and on the shop it shows about 500.

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