1.08 update - mid December

In this post you mention that you guys are shooting for mid December if possible for the next patch.

And in this post some of the info about the update is talked about:

I would like to ask if some details might be able to be talked about as it concerns keys. I know after .07 there were a lot of people who felt upset they didn’t get the chance to spend souls to level their cities, I would hate to see another debacle based around keys!

Keep up the good work!

We’re planning some blogs & possibly a video before 1.0.8 comes out.

Because of the significant changes to keys, we want to make sure we give players the chance to either use them or hoard them, based on their preference.

When 1.0.8 hits we’ll be doing a conversion from the old keys to the new keys… personally I think the conversion gives a slightly better result, particularly for long-time players, but we’ll give you guys the info in advance to let you make up your own minds.


@Sirrian. Just wondering that with a new 1.08 if I need to convert gems to magic keys before its happen ?
Or the gems and magic keys system stay the same as 1.07?